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At the Beach Spelling Words Blue List

Photosynthesis Definition: The making of food for plants. Sentence: Plants make photosynthesis in their leaves. Prefixes: Photo-, syn-, Suffixes: -sis.

Chorus Definition: A large group of organized singers. Sentence: Many schools have a chorus. Synonym: choir Picture:

Approach Definition: To go towards. Sentence: We are about to approach the mall. Synonym: Come towards Antonym: Flee

Achieve Definition: To succeed Sentence: You can achieve your goals if you work hard. Synonym: Succeed Antonym: Fail

Sherbet Definition: A frozen dessert made with fruit juice. Sentence: I would like a nice bowl of sherbet. Synonym: sorbet Picture:

Bronchitis Definition: Inflammation of the lung. Sentence: People with bronchitis tend to cough a lot. Syllables: Bron-chi-tis Picture:

Whether Definition: Expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives. Sentence: He was undecided whether to go or stay. Synonyms: if Syllables: whe-ther

Artichoke Definition: A European plant. Sentence: I had a dip with artichoke in it. Syllables: Ar-ti-choke First known use: 1530

Chestnuts Definition: A glossy brown nut that may be roasted and eaten. Sentence: There were chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Syllables: Chest-nuts Picture:

Stomach Definition: The internal organ in which the first part of digestion occurs. Sentence: Eating that pizza made my stomach hurt. Synonym: tummy Syllable: sto-mach

Mathematics Definition: the study of numbers, quantities, properties, and measurement. Sentence: We study mathematics at school. Syllables: mathe-ma-tics Picture:

Prophecy Definition: A prediction of what will happen in the future. Sentence: The prophecy states the world will end 12/21/2012. Synonym: prediction Syllable: pro-phe-cy

Mythology Definition: A collection of myths. Sentence: Greek Gods are part of mythology. Syllable: my-tho-lo-gy Picture:

Disenchanted Definition: Free (someone) from illusion. Sentence: The curse was disenchanted. Antonym: enchanted Picture:

Breakthrough Definition: An important discovery. Sentence: The scientist had an amazing breakthrough in the lab. Type of word: compound word (break & through) Picture:

Atmosphere Definition: The cloud of gases surrounding the Earth. Sentence: The atmosphere traps some of the Sun’s energy. Synonym: sky Picture:

Whistling Definition: The act or sound of one that whistles. Sentence: The girl was whistling on her way to school. Suffixes: -ing. Picture:

Orphan Definition: A child whose parents are dead. Sentence: In a movie, a girl named Annie was an orphan. Syllable: Or-phan Picture:

Accomplish Definition: Achieve or complete successfully. Sentence: She will accomplish her mission. Synonym: success! Picture:

Research Definition: The finding of information about a certain subject. Sentence: He did research on the water cycle. Synonym: study Picture:

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