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1. We all know math geeks love pi, but David Blatner brought pi to the general public in his 1999 book, the title of which is a pun on a popular cookbook. Name it.

2. Which Greek mathematician, more famous for supposedly shouting “eureka” in his bathtub, has been credited as defining the geometric term pi?

3. If I told you my sophomore sister was planning to pledge to Alpha Delta Pi at her university, what would she be doing?

4. Pi is found in the Greek alphabet between omicron and rho, making it what number letter in the alphabet?

5. What an illogical number! At approximately 3.141592, pi cannot be precisely defined as the ratio of any two whole numbers. In mathematical terms, this makes pi what kind of number?

6. My kids are excited because at school they are celebrating pi day today – unfortunately they don’t get to eat any pie. What is today’s date? (Hint: think about the numerical date)

7. This twentieth century Polish Nobel Laureate’s poems include one titled “Pi”, which begins “The admirable number pi: three point one four one…”

8. It should come as no surprise that science fiction writers love to use pi in their plots: in which television sci-fi series did an episode feature pi as the key to solving the characters’ dilemma?

9. Chao Lu, Hiroyuki Goto and Creighton Carvello: I guess these guys don’t get out much, because they had the time and patience to at one time hold this tedious world record.

10. One fight song of this Massachusetts university, renowned for its scientific and technology strength, begins: “E to the U du dx, E to the X dx! Cosine! Secant! Tangent! Sine! 3 point 1 4 1 5 9!”

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