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Approaches to Human Geography is the essential student primer on theory and practice in Human Geography. It is a systematic review of the key ideas and debates informing post-war geography, explaining how those ideas work in practice. Avoiding jargon – while attentive to the rigor and complexity of the ideas that underlie geographic knowledge – the text is written for students who have not met philosophical or theoretical approaches before. This is a beginning guide to geographic research and practice.

  • Front Matter
  • Chapters Part I: Philosophies
    • Chapter 2: Positivistic Geographies and Spatial Science
    • Chapter 3: Humanism and Democratic Place-Making
    • Chapter 4: Feminist Geographies of Difference, Relation, and Construction
    • Chapter 5: Marx and the Spirit of Marx
    • Chapter 6: Philosophical Bases of Behavioral Research in Geography
    • Chapter 7: Structuration Theory: Agency, Structure and Everyday Life
    • Chapter 8: Realism as a Basis for Knowing the World
    • Chapter 9: Postmodern Geographies and the Ruins of Modernity
    • Chapter 10: Poststructuralist Theories
    • Chapter 11: Actor-Network Theory, Networks, and Relational Approaches in Human Geography
    • Chapter 12: Postcolonialism: Space, Textuality, and Power
    • Editors’ Passnotes
    Part II: People
    • Chapter 13: Institutions and Cultures
    • Chapter 14: Places and Contexts
    • Chapter 15: Memories and Desires
    • Chapter 16: Experiences and Emotions
    • Chapter 17: Personal and Political
    • Chapter 18: Difference and Place
    • Chapter 19: Local and Global
    • Chapter 20: Movement and Encounter
    • Chapter 21: Spaces and Flows
    Part III: Practices
    • Chapter 22: Quantification, Evidence and Positivism
    • Chapter 23: Geographic Information Systems
    • Chapter 24: Humanism and People-Centered Methods
    • Chapter 25: Changing the World: Geography, Political Activism, and Marxism
    • Chapter 26: Producing Feminist Geographies: Theory, Methodologies and Research Strategies
    • Chapter 27: Poststructuralist Theories, Critical Methods and Experimentation
    • Chapter 28: Research is Theft: Environmental Inquiry in a Postcolonial World
    • Chapter 29: Contested Geographies: Culture Wars, Personal Clashes and Joining Debate
  • Back Matter
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