State Building in SONG CHINA [AP World History Review—Unit 1, Topic 1]
State Building in SONG CHINA [AP World History Review—Unit 1, Topic 1]

AP World History Unit 1 Topic 6: Developments in Europe PowerPoint

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This 64 slide AP World History PowerPoint briefly explores the people and geography of Europe from 1200 – 1450 CE and provides background information on the political, economic, and social developments of the region. This PowerPoint includes photographs, artwork and maps, progress checks, discussion prompts, and cooperative learning activities to make the PowerPoint engaging for your students.

Thematic Focus:

• – The development of ideas, beliefs, and religions illustrates how groups in society view themselves, and the interactions of societies and their beliefs often have political, social, and cultural implications.

• – A variety of internal and external factors contribute to state formation, expansion, and decline. Governments maintain order through a variety of administrative institutions, policies, and procedures, and governments obtain, retain, and exercise power in different ways and for different purposes.

• – The processes by which societies group their members and the norms that govern the interactions between these groups and between individuals influence political, economic, and cultural institutions and organizations.

Learning Objective:

•Unit 1: Learning Objective K – Explain how the beliefs and practices of predominant religions in Europe affected European society.

•Unit 2: Learning Objective L – Explain the cause and consequences of political decentralization in Europe from c. 1200 – c. 1450.

•Unit 1 Learning Objective M – Explain the effects of agriculture on social organization in Europe from c. 1200 – c. 1450.

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