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Click the preview button above! Over 300 pages of resources and over 150 MP3s!!!

This bundle contains my most popular printable AP Music Theory products and many more digital products only available through this bundle. Included are:

– 19 Drag & Drop Activities (works with Google™)

– Pre-Music Theory Vocabulary and Activities – potential summer assignments

– Meter Practice and Assessment

– Scale and Key Signature Assessments

– 16 Paired Cooperative Learning Activities

– 350+ mini Quizuoso Cooperative Learning Cards

– Listening Quizzes with computer generated MP3s and answer keys

– 3 Cumulative Term Tests with short score analysis and optional audio files

– Voice Leading Homework Assignments

– 15 Unique Voice Leading Tests

– Score Analysis with optional audio files

– Mini Composition Projects

– Year End Composition Project

– Additional practice activities for homework or classwork including speed drills, coloring activities, and “Mission Composable” task cards.

– Alternate versions of most quizzes provided for extra practice, for retesting, or to prevent cheating.

– Answer keys or rubrics for most assessments.

Topics include:

– Major and minor key signatures

– Interval identification

– Note identification in tenor and alto clef

– Triads and seventh chords in root position and inversion

– Four part writing / voice leading (free response questions 5 & 6)

– Secondary dominants

– Harmonic analysis / figured bass

– Form and compositional techniques

– Meter (simple, compound, and assymetrical)

– Eighth note beaming rules

– Extensive ear training topics

– Key vocabulary

Over 300 unique pages of resources and over 160 audio files!

This “progressive bundle” gets updates and additions several times a year. Your purchase entitles you to download future versions as well!

UPDATED 4/7/21 with more “Drag & Drop” activities

UPDATED 2/28/21 with 2 more “Drag & Drop” activities.

UPDATED 12/6/20 with 2 more “Drag & Drop activities.

UPDATED 11/30/20 with 8 more “Drag & Drop activities.

UPDATED 10/22/20 with 5 “Drag & Drop” activities (Google Slides™).

UPDATED 8/26/20 with 24 clickable PDFs for distance learning.

UPDATED 8/10/20 with Triads Quiz, Enharmonic Equivalents Quiz, Voice Leading (Part Writing) Error Detection Quiz, additional practice sheets and optional audio files

UPDATED 4/13/20 with additional voice leading homework.

UPDATED 10/12/19 with Listening Quiz for primary chords in inversion.

UPDATED 7/14/19 with Musical Form Posters.

UPDATED 7/3/19 with chromatic clock graphic organizers as recommended in the 2019 AP Music Theory Course and Exam Description.

UPDATED 6/28/19 with Unit 1 Test aligned to the newly released AP Music Theory curriculum guide and MANY new worksheets relating to Unit 1 skill set.

UPDATED 6/5/19 with mini composition projects, additional meter and figured bass practice, Rhythmic Augmentation and Diminution, Melodic Sequence, Alberti bass, and Octave Displacement.

UPDATED 5/12/19 with meter and eighth note beaming rules (practice and quiz), speed drills on figured bass, intervals quiz, and triads in inversions homework.

UPDATED 4/23/19 with additional cooperative learning, speed drills, summer activity sheets, fall practice sheets, and cooperative learning.

UPDATED 2/10/19 with revision and major expansion of voice leading files.

UPDATED 1/14/19 with additional summer activity sheets, speed drills, voice leading, and cooperative learning.

UPDATED 9/16/18 with music composition task cards and summer activity pages.

UPDATED 8/21/18 with year end composition project, additional cooperative learning, and summer activity pages.

UPDATED 5/6/18 with new summer assignment activity pages.

UPDATED 4/1/18 with meter and score analysis activities (with optional audio files).

UPDATED 2/12/18 with a new multiple choice listening quiz with audio and cooperative learning activity for summer assignment.

UPDATED 10/29/17 with secondary dominants cooperative learning, another listening quiz with audio files.

UPDATED 10/8/17 with new cooperative learning activities, more listening files, and a new cooperative learning activity.

UPDATED 9/29/17 with cumulative test revisions and cooperative learning activities.

*** Due to redemption fees, my “Boom Cards” are NOT available in this bundle. ***

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