For details on the 2023 AP Music Theory Exam, check this article.

Unlike 2020 and 2021, when the College Board modified the AP exams as a response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the 2022 AP exams will return to its original format.

This year, the AP exams will take place over a two-week period in May: May 2–6 and May 9–13.

The College Board may change the format, however, if schools are disrupted in the spring due to COVID-19.

“We’ll continue to monitor global, national, and local health conditions, putting the health and safety of students first, and if there are widespread school closures in spring 2022, we’ll provide options similar to those offered in 2021,” the College Board noted here.

We will, of course, update this guide if that should happen.

The AP Music Theory exam for 2022 will be a full-length paper-and-pencil exam that students can take in school only.

Here is what you need to know to do well in the upcoming AP Music Theory exam.

Will I get AP credit for the 2022 AP Music Theory exam?

Students who take the 2022 AP Music Theory exam will be eligible for college credit.

As in previous years, a student must obtain a score of 3, 4, or 5 to be eligible for college credit.

For tips on getting a perfect AP score, check out this interview with Dawn Mueller, an educational consultant with Tutor Doctor.

How long is the 2022 AP Music Theory exam?

The 2022 AP Music Theory exam will be 2 hours, 40 minutes long.

What’s the 2022 AP Music Theory exam date and time?

The 2022 AP Music Theory exam is scheduled for Friday, May 13 at 8 AM local time.

What will be tested on the 2022 AP Music Theory exam?

The 2022 AP Music Theory exam will test students on the whole course content, so be prepared to answer questions on these topics:

  • Unit 1: Music Fundamentals I – Pitch, Major Scales and Key Signatures, Rhythm, Meter, and Expressive Elements
  • Unit 2: Music Fundamentals II – Minor Scales and Key Signatures, Melody, Timbre, and Texture
  • Unit 3: Music Fundamentals III – Triads and Seventh Chords
  • Unit 4: Harmony and Voice Leading I – Chord Function, Cadence, and Phrase
  • Unit 5: Harmony and Voice Leading II – Chord Progressions and Predominant Function
  • Unit 6: Harmony and Voice Leading III – Embellishments, Motives, and Melodic Devices
  • Unit 7: Harmony and Voice Leading IV – Secondary Function
  • Unit 8: Modes and Form

What is the AP Music Theory exam format for 2022?

The 2022 AP Music Theory exam will consist of two sections: multiple-choice and free-response. The multiple-choice section is worth 45 percent of the exam score, and the free-response section is worth 55 percent.

The free-response section has a sight-singing component.

In the first section, you will have 1 hour, 20 minutes to answer 75 multiple-choice questions.

In the second section, you will have 1 hour, 10 minutes to answer 7 free-response written questions, and 10 minutes to answer 2 free-response sight-singing questions.

The chart below shows the breakdown of the exam components.

Section # Questions Time Allocation Exam Weight
I: Multiple Choice 75 1 hour, 20 mins 45%
IIA: Free Response Written 7 1 hour, 10 mins 45%
IIB: Free Response Sight Singing 2 10 minutes 10%

Does the College Board offer any free AP Music Theory exam prep resources?

The College Board is offering a number of free AP Music Theory exam resources to students to help them prepare for the exam.

AP Music Theory Practice Tests

You can get examples of free-response questions from past AP Music Theory exams for free. You can use these as practice tests to supplement other test prep materials you use.

Check here for free-response written questions, here for sight-singing free-response questions, and here for audio prompts from the 2021 AP Music Theory exam. You can also log in to the AP Classroom Question Bank for questions posed in the 2020 exam.

And check here for free-response questions, sight-singing free-response questions, and audio prompts from the 1999-2019 AP Music Theory exams.

AP Music Theory Courses

The College Board’s AP YouTube channel gives students access to APLive classes and recordings delivered by AP teachers from across the country. Additionally, to help students review course content and skills before their exam, the College Board gives students access to the AP Daily: Live Review sessions for the 2021 AP Music Theory exam.

What are my other options for preparing for the 2022 AP Music Theory exam?

If you don’t have an AP Music Theory review book already, check out TUN’s Textbook Save Engine to compare prices and get the best deals.

If you’re taking more than one AP exam in 2022, check TUN’s AP Exam Review for details on other AP exams.

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