AP Biology Unit 7 Guided Notes for AP Classroom Daily Videos

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  1. These are guided notes that go along with the AP Daily videos posted on AP Classroom provided by the College Board. This bundle includes all of the guided notes for all EIGHT units. These can be used as homework, classwork, sub plans, long-term medical leave lessons, etc. They are PERFECT for flippiPrice $19.99Original Price $24.00Save $4.01


These are a collection of the guided notes made to go along with the AP Classroom Daily Video lessons for AP Biology’s Unit 7- Evolution and Natural Selection

These guided notes summarize the video content while allowing the students to fill in essential information. The students will fill in blanks, fill out graphic organizers, label structures, and answer practice questions throughout the guided notes. Each video guided notes is about 1-3 pages long. This file includes guided notes for ALL of the videos in unit 7.

This can be a great resource for flipping your classroom so students watch these videos and fill out notes for homework, which can free up your valuable classroom time. You can also use these for emergency sub plans if you will be out for a day, week, or longer.

The videos included in these guided notes are

Topic 7.1- Intro to Natural Selection

Topic 7.2- Natural Selection

Topic 7.3- Artificial Selection

Topic 7.4- Population Genetics

Topic 7.5- Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

Topic 7.6- Evidence for Evolution

Topic 7.7- Common Ancestry

Topic 7.8- Continuing Evolution

Topic 7.9- Phylogeny

Topic 7.10- Speciation

Topic 7.11- Extinction

Topic 7.12- Variation in Populations

Topic 7.13- Origins of Life on Earth

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