AP Art History Unit 1 Test Elements of Art and Prehistoric Art

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This is a mini AP exam style test that covers the material in the Elements of Art and Prehistoric unit. This test corresponds to my other Unit 1 materials and contains questions about works from the AP Art History canon.

This test contains:

-62 AP style multiple choice questions (some with images)

-4 short answer questions

-1 long essay

I typically give the students:

– 1 day (50 minute period) for the multiple choice and short answers. Multiple choice are 1pt each, and the short answers are graded on a 1/4 scale (multiplied by 2) to get their final score. Students tend to score low on this portion of the test, like on the AP exam, so I curve it. The key is available in my store for free.

-30 minutes to complete the long essay. I grade these with my rubric (available in my store)

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