After releasing elder brother Pope from prison in the penultimate episode of Animal kingdom Series, Craig and Deran started making preparations to escape the country. Even more, Craig asked Renn, to marry him. However, it also appeared like nephew J was prepared to trick the gang and flee with their entire collection. Before we say our goodbyes to those lawbreakers from Cody, they have one more assignment to complete, and it will be the most perilous of all of their previous endeavors. They never learned to let up while they were ahead over the course of six episodes. Is there a chance that it may all turn out badly? Which Codys Survived the Animal Kingdom Series Finale? There is only one Cody in charge. The destruction of the Cody family, their history, and their kingdom was aptly summarised. Because J maintained his blasted word to Smurf in Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13, HE was able to take everything. How did it all turn out? Why did J want to wipe out the Smurfs Kingdom? what happened in the finale? we ( provide a comprehensive recap on this page.

Which Codys Survived the Animal Kingdom Season 6 [Series Finale]?

Animal kingdom Series Finale Recap: “Fuber”

Animal kingdom Series Finale Recap Beginning with a Flashback; Julia and a companion, return to Smurf’s home and rob her, taking some of her clothing and Andrew’s medications in the process. When Andrew hears a commotion in the garage, he goes to investigate. He locks Julia into space and strikes the man in the face. Pope is on the transferring bus in the present, while Deran and Craig are speeding down a dirt road in dune buggies with their plan to free Pope in mind. Deran receives a message from J when he is driving and tells him to call back in two minutes. J turns around as the bus passes him and follows it. One automobile with two police officers is following the bus, Craig informs Deran. J goes the other way after turning around. Pope notifies the bus driver that he needs to use the restroom. The bus abruptly comes to a stop and spins out, along with the police car, due to a spike that Craig and Deran set on the highway.

Where is J, wonder Deran and Craig. They take down the officers, while Pope and another prisoner are fighting inside the bus. The bus driver tries to exit the vehicle, runs, and is subsequently shot. Pope is being strangled, albeit only for a short while, by Deran and Craig as they attempt to smash the bus door in. When Pope takes over, they remove him. Pope is covered in blood, but he is okay; Deran and Craig inform him that J failed to arrive. J texts them in the background and says, “Got heat.” J is operating the dune buggies while Deran, Craig, and Pope set off in them. When J returns to the house, he cleans up and disposes of the rubbish before turning on the TV and listening to the transport bus news. J is keeping an eye on his GPS and is aware of the whereabouts of the Cody brothers. Pope inquires once more about J, to which Deran replies that he had heat. J contacts the tip line about the bus that has overturned and then breaks the cell phone he was using to make the call.

In the flashbacks, When Surf gets home and spots Andrew, he claims Julia broke in. Smurf assumes she must be in a desperate situation. She is pregnant and on drugs, according to Andrew, who claims he locked her in the restroom. Smurf tells Baz that Julia stopped by and that she is in the toilet high and pregnant when he hears a scream. Baz enters to see Smurf and offers her money. He should test if she will eat the sandwich she feeds him for herself. When Baz opens the door, he sees Julia on the floor and hands her the sandwich. She inquires as to whether that is it, and as he exits and shuts the door, she sobs to the ground.

Animal kingdom Series Finale Recap: At Present The Cody brothers choose to descend the hill and get the cars because they are going to need them to cross the border. When Penny arrived to see J, she had two suitcases with her. He says they will depart later that evening. He instructs her to go swimming and unwind while he finishes packing. J is in the room packing up lots of money and weapons. He approaches the mirror, takes a picture of Julia, and places it in his bag. The transmitter is cut out of Pope’s side. When Craig tries to call J, his answering machine keeps coming on. He enters the containers and discovers that there are no guns, no money, and flat tyres on all of the automobiles.

The Cody brothers flee the area. When J answers the phone at home, the sheriff’s office calls and asks to enter. Penny is invited to accompany J as he travels to fetch her. The sheriff’s car approaches the driveway in its car. The police ask to take a look around after informing J that Pope broke out. Penny offers J a defence. The brothers begin racing more quickly when they recognize the sirens as being from canine units. They travel to a desert homestead and break the windows to get inside. Once inside, they notice a large number of police officers approaching them. Deran claims it was his fault because he had put his trust in J, while Pope maintains that everyone had.

Animal kingdom Series Finale Recap: Flashbacks; Julia returns to Andrew and questions if Smurf threw her belongings out last year after taking a shower. He replies that he did. When Andrew asks whether the man she broke in with is the dad, she doesn’t respond. When he then asks if Baz is the dad, she replies that he might be, but she is unsure of his identity. She informs him that it’s a boy, and he responds that Smurf has told her it’s ready to come out. Julia thanks Smurf before heading outdoors to the pool. Smurf informs her that Julia will not be staying, and Craig informs her that she cannot have her room back. Smurf gives Julia $20 and wishes her luck as he withdraws the money. Smurf and Julia both require assistance, according to Andrew. Please, Julia replies, adding that she will attend therapy and make things work for the baby. Returning to Smurf, she is the driver and is traveling with Andrew and Julia. Julia informs Andrew that she wants to abbreviate the name Josh for her child.

Deran is beginning to panic, but Pope has a plan to stop them so they can flee. Pope gives them a hug and assures them that everything will be fine. He also promises to go looking for them. Pope starts shooting as soon as the front door is opened. On a motorcycle, Deran and Craig make an attempt to flee. Pope kills all the police officers, but more are on the way. He then steals one of their automobiles and flees. Pope pauses to reload as a mean approaches from the opposite direction and stops. Pope orders him to exit before robbing him of his automobile. Arriving at a convenience store, Craig and Deran ask for cash and an emergency aid kit. The counterman begs Deran not to kill the boy who comes out brandishing a gun.

Is Penny dead in the Animal kingdom Season 6 Episode 13?

Penny queries J as to why he made her tell them a falsehood. He claims that his uncles are not returning because he phoned the police because he was aware of their plans. She suggests that he may want to accompany her instead. She acknowledges her love for him when he asks whether she does, but she declines to go. She agrees when he asks her to wait with him at least until he has to depart. J prepares a beverage for Penny and adds a medication to it. She expresses her sincere regret to him, and he reciprocates. She denies getting swept up and swears she won’t tell anyone. J rushes over to Penny and discovers that he killed her after feeling for her pulse. He kneels down next to her and gives her a hug. J then enters the residence and begins battering. Pope leaps the wall, hears the commotion inside, and then discovers Penny lying dead on the chair. Pope stumbles inside the home. As soon as he spots J, he rushes him and begins strangling him.

When J awakens, he is bound to a chair. Pope warns him not to believe any more falsehoods since his brothers, who had accepted him as a member of the family and had given him their trust, had been murdered. According to J, he earned it all for what they did to his mother. Pope tosses him into the water when he claims he might have saved her.

Animal kingdom Season 6 Episode 13; Ending Explained!

In Flashbacks, Julia returns to the homeless with Smurf, where she informs Andrew that rehab is an unnecessary expense for her. Smurf advises her to take the $20 again because it is the only cash she and her little bastard will receive. She is told to leave by Smurf after pulling a gun on her. Julia implores Andrew to accompany her, pleading that they require her. They leave Julia there when Smurf instructs him to just go sit up with her. J is about to drown until Pope dives into the pool to save him. Pope claims that she desired him to appear more resilient than he actually was. She was the one who possessed strength, and she had always adored J. Pope claims that he is solely to blame. Pope orders J to go. J departs.

✨Cinematic masterpiece.✨

The parallels and callbacks with this scene. The water. The fire. The destruction. Whew. Visually this is … even if I hate the result. #AnimalKingdom

— 𝓙𝓪𝔃𝔃 🦋 (@bleuangel88) August 29, 2022

Once Pope is outside, he locates the childhood photograph of him and Julia. Returning to the pool area, he envisions a younger version of himself sitting at a table with Smurf. He enters and pours gasoline all over the place before pulling out a lighter and dropping it on the bed. He takes his picture with him, takes a seat by the pool, trips over, and dies as the home is swiftly consumed by flames. The picture tumbles into the swimming pool.

a.) probably the saddest tv death, definitely in the top 5

b.) this being Deran’s ending instead of him finding Adrian makes this ending much harder to accept
c.) it’s a 10/10 ending either way#AnimalKingdom

— Chris Montes (@chrismont3s) August 29, 2022

While driving, Deran instructs Craig to keep pressure on his injury and everything would be OK. According to Craig, he won’t make it. He is told to stop by Craig. They are close to the ocean when Deran pulls over, gets Craig out of the car, and sits him down on the ground. Deran exhorts him to take in the beauty of the water. Craig assures him that he will take care of everything and that he won’t need to worry about anything. Craig is dead in the finale episode. Deran lays Craig down, declares his love for him, and then departs. The last seconds of the episode and the entire series gave us a glimpse of J, who was by himself but was living the high life. He actually was able to take everything that belonged to Smurf in the end, just as he had promised he would several seasons previously.

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