Guys here we are discussing the Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and Where to Watch this TV Show.

Animal Kingdom is a TV Show that all about crime and drama series, Jonathan Lisco is made this show.

And this story comes from a movie that was made in Australia in 2010. This movie is also known as Animal Kingdom.

This TV Show started on June 14, 2016, on TNT Channel, the first season had 10 episodes; After that, each new part had 13 episodes.

Here is the overview of the Animal Kingdom TV Show:

Season Animal Kingdom Total Seasons 6 Total Episodes 75 (season 1-6) Status Season 7 (Upcoming) Writers Jonathan Lisco, David Michôd Directors Nick Copus, John Wells Genre Crime, Drama Production John Wells Productions Producers Liz Watts, John Wells Country of Origin United States Original Language English Available Languages English First Episode Aired On 2 Oct. 2016 (S01 EP01) Last Episode Aired On 28 Aug. 2022 (S06 EP13) Next Season Release Date 2023 Available On Amazon Prime Video, TNT Channel

Now let’s talk about the When will be there Animal Kingdom Season 7?

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date:

It is very bad news for Animal Kingdom Fans that there won’t release Season 7 of Animal Kingdom, the last season premiered on June 19, 2022, and the sixth season was the last.

In January 2021, TNT said that this show is going to end after these 6 seasons.

Jonathan Lisco who made this TV Show talked about why they decided to end this TV Show, then he replied they didn’t want to show to become boring after releasing the next season.

That’s why they wanted to end this TV Show after completing the sixth season.

In the last season, The Cody family faces lots of challenges and problems including Pope’s death and J got arrested. But they become more strong with their mindset and deal with this problem.

And if you want to know how they deal with this problem then you need to watch this TV Show.

Now the question is coming that where to watch this TV Show, so let’s talk about how to watch this TV Show.

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Where to Watch Animal Kingdom TV Series:

Guys here you can watch Animal Kingdom TV Series on this streaming platform, here is the list given below:

Streaming service Seasons available
Amazon Prime Video All seasons
NBC Peacock Seasons 1-5
Hulu Seasons 1-5
YouTube TV Seasons 1-5
Google Play All seasons
iTunes All seasons
Vudu All seasons

But if you want to watch individual episodes or seasons then this Streaming Platform is helpful for you:

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • Vudu

Animal Kingdom TV Series Story:

Animal Kingdom is a crime, drama TV Show that based on the Cody Family, the head of this family is a Mother named Smurf.

The story starts when 17 years old boy J goes to live with them after her mother passes away because of high doses of heroin (Drugs).

J quickly learned that Cody is not like a simple family, this family does many illegal activities like Selling Drugs, Stealing, and also murders.

After some time J also involved in these Illegal activities and enter criminal life.

Over time, J must learn how to deal with the dangerous situations of this Family and this situation can be dangerous for J.

J also has to choose the path if he wants to work with Cody’s Family then he becomes a criminal or he selects a different path than not be a criminal.

This TV Show teaches us the importance of family, trust, misleading, and so many things.

The audience liked this TV Show because of the acting of all cast and looked very interesting and felt like real life.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Ended on August 2022. We see that there is trouble in The Cody Family and it is a very tough time for them.

Their main leader Smurf passed away because of an overdose of drugs and Pope got arrested by the police. And at the end, the Cody Family survived and deal with their problems.

This TV Show has an incredible storyline, outstanding performance of all cast, writing and direction are also top-notch.

This story also made people think that the importance of family and the crimes that happened in the family.

The Animal Kingdom is a very interesting and exciting TV Series, and audiences love this show.

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The Animal Kingdom Season 7 Cast:

Guys here is the complete Cast list of The Animal Kingdom TV Series:

Janine Cody:

Ellen Barkin played the Janine Cody role in this TV Show, and she is a leader of the Cody Family. She is very tough and can do anything to protect their family.


Guys meet Finn Cole who played the J Cody role. He is the main character of the Animal Kingdom TV Series. J Cody is really smart and intelligent and trying to figure out his way in this world.

Pope Cody:

Pope Cody’s role is played by Shawn Hatosy. Pope is the oldest brother of the Cody Family, He is very aggressive and doesn’t think to do anything. He is also facing problems in her life.

Actor Character
Ellen Barkin Janine Cody
Shawn Hatosy Pope Cody
Ben Robson Craig Cody
Jake Weary Deran Cody
Finn Cole Joshua “J” Cody
Scott Speedman Barry “Baz” Blackwell
Christina Ochoa Mia
Molly Gordon Nicky Nichols

Why was Animal Kingdom Canceled:

We don’t know the exact reason why was Animal Kingdom Canceled but here are some possibilities available that can explain why this TV Show was canceled:

The rating of this TV Show was declining in the previous season. The fifth season got only 1.1 million views which is down from the first season.

In recent years TNT network canceled some scripted TV Shows like The Librarians, The Last Ship, and Claws.

The makers and creators of this TV Show felt that it is a very good time to finish this TV Show, If we drag this TV Show on, it might get boring.

These are some possible reasons why Animal Kingdom TV Series was canceled.

Animal Kingdom Episodes:

Here are the all episodes of the Animal Kingdom TV Series:

Season 1:

  • Pilot
  • The Killing Code
  • The New Guy
  • The Hit
  • The Debt
  • The Choice
  • The Score
  • The Trap
  • The Snake
  • The Sins of the Father
  • The Reckoning

Season 2:

  • The Devil You Know
  • The Deep End
  • The Boys
  • The Devil’s In The Details
  • The New Normal
  • The Plan
  • The Hit List
  • The Trap
  • The Queen
  • The Last Ride

Season 3:

  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Straight and Narrow
  • The Good Son
  • The Big Payback
  • The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings
  • The Faithful
  • The Trap
  • The Sins of the Past
  • The Final Lesson
  • The End of the Beginning

Season 4:

  • The New Normal
  • The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings
  • The Straight and Narrow
  • The Sins of the Father
  • The Trap
  • The Queen
  • The Good Son
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Final Lesson
  • The Faithful

Season 5:

  • The Touch
  • The Push
  • The Fall
  • The Setup
  • The Hit
  • The Score
  • The Trap
  • The Snake
  • The Sins of the Father
  • The Reckoning

Season 6:

  • The Offer
  • The Setup
  • The Job
  • The Trap
  • The Snake
  • The Sins of the Father
  • The Reckoning
  • The Final Lesson

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Animal Kingdom Season 7 Trailer:

There are no official sources available for Animal Kingdom Season 7 because the makers decided that they will not make the seventh season of this TV Show,

That’s why we can’t able to watch Animal Kingdom Season 7 Trailer. But you can watch Animal Kingdom’s final season trailer.

Here is given below:


Overall guys this TV Show is incredible, if the producers and makers make the season 7 then it is possible that this TV Show hit again and become so popular.

The storyline and characters of this TV Show are the best and it feels like that connected to us. But finally, the makers decided that they won’t make season 7.

But don’t worry about this, you can watch the season 1st to 6th on different streaming platforms.

Hope you will get the information about Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Where to Watch, and so many things.

If you have any queries or can suggest us another TV Show then don’t hesitate please let me know.

We will try to give you the answer.

Till The Time Be Happy and God Bless You.


How many seasons of Animal Kingdom are there?

At present, there are total 6 seasons available of Animal Kingdom TV Show.

Where can I watch Animal Kingdom, a TV Show?

Right Now you can watch this TV Show on the following streaming platforms: Amazon Prime, NBC Peacock, Hulu.

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