‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 Episode 7: Will Deran die? SHOCKING incident might change everything

'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 Episode 7: Will Deran die? SHOCKING incident might change everything

The sixth and final season of ‘Animal Kingdom’ is ramping up the tension with each passing episode and it’s perfectly evident that things are going to get worse from here. The series has been high on the drama since the beginning and it has reached a whole new level as the Cody Boys embark on their final journey. In the previous episode, we saw the Codys successfully completing a heist at a celebrity’s house. They did it quite smoothly and took away all the real diamond necklaces by replacing them with fake ones.
However, they felt that they could have gotten more if there were two people inside. Craig (Ben Robson) always wanted to be inside so that they could have earned more money, but an argument started happening between him and Deran (Jake Weary). The argument ended with a small fight between the brothers and Craig breaking Deran’s jaw. The relationship between brothers has been getting bad to worse in recent times. They are not on good terms and every time they come together, they end up being in a fierce argument.


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Jake Wear as Deran Cody and Ben Robson as Craig Cody in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)

However, something terrible is going to be in the Cody Family that might bring them closer. In the latest promo for Episode 7 of Season 6, we get to see that Craig and Deran might be fighting someone together, saving each other from the enemy’s wrath.
Although the promo has a lot to unpack, one thing that made us really anxious is how Deran and Craig are going to be in a dangerous situation. The clip sees Craig’s son Nick getting kidnapped by a group of strangers and this will undoubtedly make Craig really angry. We believe that his brothers and Josh will do everything and anything to save the innocent child. However, it seems Deran will be putting himself on the line to save the child.
One of the most damning things about the promo is that Craig is holding a gun in his hand and pointing it toward a man. On the other hand, Deran yells from behind and distracts him. The clip ends with Craig calling out Deran’s name loudly as he (Deran) collapses to the ground. Will he survive? Well, we are optimistic that he will come out alive because we don’t think that makers will be thinking of killing off a major character at this juncture.

Ben Robson as Craig Cody in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)

However, it would be really hard for Deran to do what he does with his brothers. He might take the decision of not wanting to be in this life anymore because a father wouldn’t want his child to bear the brunt of his wrongdoings. It’s a terrible spot for him and his future. All in all, things are going to get interesting with the latest episode and it might give a new direction to one of the main characters.


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On the other hand, the new detective is trying hard to get something against Pope in Katherine’s murder case and even entered their house while they were attempting the heist. Pope did notice something at the end of the previous episode and he might be more careful from now on.
‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 returns to TNT with a new episode every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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