*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Animal Kingdom*

After six gripping seasons, TNT’s Animal Kingdom has roared its way towards its highly anticipated finale as the fates of J, Pope and the rest of the Cody clan have slowly started to unfold.

It wouldn’t be a finale without a few deaths and plenty of twists and turns and Animal Kingdom bows out with some truly jaw-dropping moments.

With so much to pack into one episode, the ending of Animal Kingdom season 6 has left fans with questions and needs to be explained.

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Animal Kingdom season 6 finale recap

The 13th and final episode of Animal Kingdom season 6 aired on TNT on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

Titled Fubar, the episode opens with a flashback to J’s pregnant mother, Julia, which shows Smurf turning on her after she starts to act as a good influence on Pope.

The turn of events is what eventually resulted in Julia’s death and J becoming a member of the Codys’ criminal gang years later.

Back in the present, Craig, Deran and J put their plan to break Pope out of jail into action which sees them embark on a brazen heist that, against all the odds, looks to be succeeding.

That is until it’s revealed that J has secretly been working against them from the start and has sabotaged their getaway vehicles and has alerted the police to their location, leaving them cornered.

Craig (Ben Robson) and Deran (Jake Weary) walk through the desert in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom ending explained: Who dies in the finale?

Pope, Craig and Deran all manage to survive the shootout with police but Pope is left badly wounded after being shot in the firefight.

Later, when robbing a convenience store, Craig meets a bloody end after he is shot by the storeowner’s son and he dies in Deran’s arms who manages to escape himself.

Elsewhere, J had hoped to persuade Penny to leave the country with him but she refuses and knowing that she will likely give him up to either the cops or Codys, J reluctantly poisons and kills her.

J is not out of the woods yet though as Pope manages to catch up to him at the Cody house and ties him to a chair by the pool for his betrayal.

It looks as though Pope sends J to his death after pushing him into the pool to drown but after some moments of self-reflection, Pope has a change of heart and allows J to escape, knowing that it was Smurf’s treatment of J’s mother that caused this whole affair.

Pope then sets fire to the Cody house and dies thanks to the bullet wound he suffered in the police shootout earlier.

The final scene of Animal Kingdom sees J beginning a new life after stealing the Cody family’s money and destroying their criminal empire but despite carrying out his revenge and now living in an island paradise, he is cold and alone without any family members of his own.

Shawn Hatosy as Pope in a prison van in Animal Kingdom

Will there be a season 7?

No, Animal Kingdom will not be returning to TNT for season 7.

That’s because season 6 was confirmed as the final instalment when TNT last renewed the series back in January 2021.

The ending of Animal Kingdom’s sixth season doesn’t exactly lend itself to more episodes either as J’s journey has come to an end after he finally carried out his revenge against the Codys for what happened to his mother all those years ago.

However, despite finding himself by the pool in a sun-soaked resort, J is now cold and alone after everyone he used to call family is either dead or after him.

Finn Cole as J visiting prison in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom season 6 concluded on TNT on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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