Amoeba Sisters Unlectured Series- CELLULAR RESPIRATION

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  2. NOTE: To see preview images of each topic included in this custom bundle, please click on each individual topic itself. We have included one preview video that explains how the Unlectured Series works, and it uses the topic “Mitosis” (included in this bundle) as an example.What is a custom UnlecturePrice $94.28Original Price $117.85Save $23.57
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NOTE: We have a general Unlectured Series video (above) to preview the general sequence of items that is in all of our Unlectured Series topics. As the video preview mentions, the preview video uses the ‘mitosis’ topic (our first Unlectured Series topic) as an example. However, we have placed 2 images from the slideshow portion in the preview specifically that you can view.
May 1, 2021 UPDATE: On YouTube, we created an updated Amoeba Sisters Cellular Respiration video! While the old (original) video still exists and can still be used with this series, we have provided an additional updated annotated video script template to go with the updated video if you prefer to use the updated video. We also have a few updates to our facilitation guide and a few slide illustration updates as well.

Purpose of Unlectured Series:

Our Unlectured Series offers an alternative to lecturing on a topic by promoting questioning, student discussion, and student creation. The series are designed to be used in place of traditional lecturing, and they are designed to be used as part of a science course that already offers hands-on lab experiences. In addition, many portions are very useful as part of revisiting as end of year/final exam review.

We are passionate about teaching with questioning and discussion! However, this may not be for everyone. Please note: this supplement may NOT be ideal if:

• you are wanting a traditional slideshow of information (this is definitely not that)

• the content on our free cellular respiration video on YouTube is not sufficient (this is based on this content).

• you do not have access to YouTube in your classroom (viewing the short, free video clip on YouTube is recommended before students complete annotated script template)

• you cannot open zip files (this is all in one zip file)

What this Unlectured Series is Designed to Do

• Provide information in an engaging, question format. While designed to be the first time students have seen the topic, these can additionally be used for end of year reviewing as well.

• Encourage active student discussion of topics through questioning.

• Emphasize the importance of “why this content is important?” and “how is this useful in our world?”

• Use comics/cartoons that are relevant to students (and sometimes humorous) so that they are memorable.

• Be versatile! The Unlectured slideshow can be placed in a variety of digital tools. (Tool is not the focus)

What’s Included in Zip Folder

• Annotated Video Script TEMPLATE for the Amoeba Sisters Cellular Respiration video on YouTube – NOTE: Since we have an “original” and an “updated” cellular respiration video on YouTube, we are placing both the “original” and “updated” template so you can select which one you prefer!

• Unlectured Slideshow for Cellular Respiration (While it is in the format of a PowerPoint, it can be placed in other tools. Slideshow questions/images are NOT designed to be editable so that it can be used in other tools without formatting issues- however, you can always choose to add on if desired. Note: some minor features such as spinner/linked table of contents may not work in other tools.)

• Freebie Unanswered Question Template, Number Spinner

• Facilitation Guide

What You’ll Need

• Access to YouTube (to correspond to our free video) for either you to show the short clip to students or students to view individually

• Highlighters or Colored Pencils for annotation on the Annotated Video Script Template

• A classroom environment where students feel safe and empowered to discuss topics where students may do more of the talking than the teacher.

What are the terms of use?

After purchasing this product, all components can be used for all your classes indefinitely. However, it is licensed to you and cannot be distributed except to your own students. Like most TPT resources, it cannot be made publicly available online as this would then make it impossible for us to continue to support ourselves. If used online, please ensure it is only shared with your classes online and not publicly accessible. If you like this resource and want your school to be able to purchase, TpT accepts school PO orders. Also, check out TpT for schools!

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