Benchmarking my new laptop. Amd Ryzen 7 5700U benchmark tests \u0026 scores
Benchmarking my new laptop. Amd Ryzen 7 5700U benchmark tests \u0026 scores

The AMD Ryzen 7 5700U (via @TUM_APISAK) has emerged in an Ashes of the Singularity submission. The model name makes it pretty clear that the chip hails from AMD’s next-generation lineup that succeeds the Ryzen 4000-series (codename Renoir) APUs.

Where the Ryzen 7 5700U’s belongs is currently a mystery, but there are two prospects that are being thrown around: one is Lucienne and the other is Cezanne. AMD’s affection for using famous painters’ surnames as the codenames for its processors is well known, and sometimes the chipmaker’s selection might provide some clues.

A quick search shows that Lucienne was an artist herself, but more importantly, she was the secret love child between Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Frédérique Vallet-Bisson. Given the connection between Lucienne and Renoir, it’s fairly safe to assume that AMD’s codenamed Lucienne APUs could be an iteration of Renoir. If that’s the case, Lucienne should still be wielding Zen 2 cores and Vega graphics. On the flipside, there’s Cezanne that’s rumored to sport Zen 3 cores, but still retain the Vega engine.

According to the submission, the Ryzen 7 5700U comes equipped with eight cores and 16 threads. At first glance, the name suggests that it’s the direct successor to the existing Ryzen 7 4700U, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

While the Ryzen 7 4700U is indeed an octa-core chip, the chip lacks simultaneous multi-threading (SMT). The Ryzen 7 4800U, on the other hand, comes with a eight-cores, 16-thread design, therefore, the Ryzen 7 5700U is closer to the Ryzen 7 4800U than the Ryzen 7 4700U. It’s interesting though that AMD seemingly decided to unlock the full configuration on the Ryzen 7 5700U.

The anonymous submitter tested the Ryzen 7 5700U on Ashes of the Singularity with the 1080p Low Preset on the Vulkan API. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Ryzen 7 4800U or Ryzen 7 4700U submissions that match those parameters so an apples-to-apples comparison wasn’t possible. Furthermore, the Ashes of the Singularity submissions don’t expose the clock speeds for the processor. For now, we’ll just have to wait for another leak to get a glimpse of the potential performance uplifts that AMD’s Ryzen 5000-series APUs could bring to the table.

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