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Track List:

1. Into The Mirror

2. What I Said

3. Circle

4. Chess

5. Up To You

6. All Day

7. Carry on

8. Eyes on you

9. Utopia

10. Where is Love?

11. Unpredictable

12. Flip A Coin

13. We Stay

VICTON has returned with their first-ever full-length album and without spoiling too much too soon, it’s incredible! The album is a wonderful display of sound from the group and has converted me into a fan of theirs. VOICE: The future is now begins with “Into The Mirror,” a nice introductory vocal song that sets the mood for a new high-intensity VICTON. This introductory track captures your attention and gives a strong vocal performance from every member with a powerful EDM song.

“What I Said” is the group’s title track, and I have to say this one took me by surprise. I caught it first on Music Bank and felt that it was captivating and strong. The song is the perfect mix of aggressive and charismatic. This marks a dramatic shift from VICTON’s typical sound and really showcases the group’s versatility. “What I Said” has a particularly unique hook after the chorus that’s absolute perfection.

“Circle” is a bit more melodious and expected of VICTON in comparison to the title. A unique ping pong sound in the instrumental really makes this track interesting for a downtempo pop song. “Chess” boasts a booming 808 that carries the dramatic theme of this album well. “Up To You” is a bit safer than the rest of the tracklist but offers a nice change-up and breath of fresh air mid-album. The song is a typical K-Pop melody, but I have to admit it’s executed extremely well! VICTON is a group with some serious talent, and by this point in the album, it’s apparent.

“All Day” begins like an acoustic and downtempo song and keeps that rhythm for most of the song. There’s a slight climb in the progression, but for the most part, this song is mellow and enjoyable. “Carry On” is the album’s ballad with ethereal vocals and harmonies that really feel refreshing. “Carry On” is a much-needed balance to the first few songs on the album that are more intense, and like “All Day,” really shows the group’s range.

“Eyes On You” has a mysterious and eerie feeling that’s sexy and seductive to listen to. There’s a great progression that transitions into a faster chorus that’s once again utilizing a heavily electronic drop. Despite the title being slightly common, the song is a must-listen on this release. “Utopia” is another slightly bouncy pop song. This particular track isn’t bad but doesn’t capture my attention like some of its counterparts on the album.

“Where is Love?” is a rap-focused song that conveys a lot of emotion. The rap is phenomenal and executed well, and admittedly it took me by surprise. Its message is honest and intense, and it’s messaging is clear even with a language barrier. “Unpredictable” has a fascinating and intriguing song composition that is slightly misleading on the first listen. Starting with a slower intro, this track moves into a rhythmic melody in the chorus.

“Flip A Coin” is the group’s b-side and other promoted title track. Its introduction has a loud messaging that’s in your face and demanding the attention VICTON deserves. The song’s focal points are, without a doubt, the spitfire rap verses and sky high vocal ability. The album completes its long journey with “We Stay,” a positive and fun song that’s sure to please ALICE. Overall, this album is a must-listen that I highly recommend.


Well-styled, chic and dramatic, VICTON’s MV for “What I Said” is an absolute pleasure to consume. This MV has a phenomenal color palette with eye-catching designs that really capture your attention well. VICTON is sexy and stylish, and their choreography shots are dynamic and well-filmed. There are intriguing sets and interesting filming techniques utilized throughout the MV and it makes me think that “What I Said” showcases an entirely new side to VICTON as a whole. If this is where VICTON is moving towards, I am onboard one hundred percent.


MV Relevance…..9

MV Production…..10

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 9.0


Album Production……9

Album Concept………9


Album Score: 8.67

Overall: 8.83

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