Adverbs Starting with L (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with L and their example sentences

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Adverbs Starting with L Example Sentences
loyally He loyally fulfilled his duties, despite his dissatisfaction with the system.
lovingly The youth watched him with an inquisitive look on his face as he silently and lovingly looked down at his half-open book.


He said it loudly, lovingly, and with a smile on his face.

Please don’t wait for me to say it loudly or lovingly; know that I am always here for you no matter what happens!

loyally We do not believe in hoarding information or resources, but we are loyally devoted to our partners who have faith in us and share knowledge.
last The last time we saw them, they were on their way to the party.

I want the last slice of pizza, if you don’t mind.

lastly I want to thank those involved in helping with this event, and lastly, I want to thank those who have donated money towards this cause.
later Don’t forget we have a meeting at 6 pm tomorrow – later than usual because we have guests coming.
lately It’s come to my attention that we have been focusing on these matters more than what is happening lately in our company.
large He has a large number of books on the shelf.
largely The storm largely destroyed all the crops on their farm.
legally He can’t legally drive because he’s lamely intoxicated.
lawfully His house is lawfully mortgaged.
lawlessly I’ve never heard of anyone lawlessly leading an army before!

Suddenly, a loud crash and the lights go out – the place is lawlessly dark!

They are lawlessly occupying land inside our borders and refuse to leave until they get what they want.

lawyerly A lawyerly person will run up bills without any regard for their lawfulness.
lavishly Many dignitaries lavishly attended the candlelight vigil.

Most companies are lavishly praised when they do well and hounded by critics when they make mistakes.

The ornate building with its weather-worn exterior is a beautifully restored monument that looks lavishly fit for purpose.

loyalty The employees’ loyalty to her was fantastic, and she rewarded them lavishly.
lifelessly I would actively use that [in the order], but I’d see it as a lifelessly overlooked possibility.

My grandmother died lifelessly in her sleep.

likely All the related information about the word answer is lifeless and light, likely because it is a very simple word.
legally We will legally contend your claim if it is not fraudulent.
loweringly Loweringly, he said, “Look, doctor, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but there must be some physical explanation for this.

You can loweringly feel the deep bonds of friendship between children who play together every morning in front of their houses.

List (76 Words)

  1. Laboriously
  2. Laconically
  3. Lamely
  4. Landward
  5. Langsyne
  6. Languidly
  7. Languorously
  8. Large
  9. Largely
  10. Lasciviously
  11. Last
  12. Lastly
  13. Lately
  14. Later
  15. Laterally
  16. Latterly
  17. Laughably
  18. Lavishly
  19. Lawfully
  20. Lawlessly
  21. Lazily
  22. Learnedly
  23. Least
  24. Leeward
  25. Legally
  26. Legibly
  27. Legislatively
  28. Legitimately
  29. Lengthily
  30. Lengthwise
  31. Leniently
  32. Less
  33. Lethargically
  34. Lexically
  35. Liberally
  36. Licentiously
  37. Licitly
  38. Lifelessly
  39. Lightly
  40. Likely
  41. Likewise
  42. Limitedly
  43. Limpidly
  44. Limply
  45. Lineally
  46. Linearly
  47. Lingeringly
  48. Linguistically
  49. Listlessly
  50. Literally
  51. Literatim
  52. Little
  53. Lively
  54. Locally
  55. Logarithmically
  56. Logically
  57. Long
  58. Longer
  59. Longingly
  60. Longitudinally
  61. Loosely
  62. Loquaciously
  63. Loudly
  64. Lovingly
  65. Low
  66. Loweringly
  67. Loyally
  68. Lucidly
  69. Luckily
  70. Lugubriously
  71. Lukewarmly
  72. Luridly
  73. Lusciously
  74. Lustfully
  75. Luxuriously
  76. Lyrically

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