Adverb of Place Examples Sentences and Expressions

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Adverbs of place

What are adverbs of place? Are you using some ‘words’ to refer some places but not sure about their classification? Keep reading and learn more about adverbs of place.

What are adverbs of place?

Adverbs are place are used in sentences and they take place of some locations which the action of the verb is being carried out. They are generally placed right after the verb in a sentence and they can refer more than only places. For example, they can be directional e.g. up, down, east, north, away… Moreover, they can also refer distances such as far away, nearby. Another thing they do is actually referring position of an object with respect to some other object such as on, under, below, above, etc. Here are 100 Adverb of Manner Examples and Expressions. They may also indicate the direction of the movement such as toward, backward, etc.

Adverbs of place examples (most used ones)

Do you want to see Uncle Gary too? He is living downstairs.

Because of this pandemic, we could not go abroad for holiday.

Could you please pass me the sheets on the table?

The café I told you about is nearby. Do you want to go and eat salad?

Haven’t you heard about the subway before? It is going underground.

The teacher wouldn’t know you are in the class unless you say ‘here’ after your name is called.

This huge dog in the street was coming towards me and I was so scared.

I guess my mom put the milk back in the fridge.

You are looking at the wrong paragraph my dear, the information you are looking for is below that.

We hear a lot of noise from the classroom upstairs.

I cannot find your book here. Can it be elsewhere?

Look! There is a beautiful girl behind you.

I am telling you; I do not want to go there anymore.

It is snowing today; we should make a snowman just outside of our building.

You are sweating. Do you have something under your t-shirt?

Tell Bob to turn to the east and follow to the road up to the mall. He will see me there.

I organized my desk and put everything I need near me. I don’t have to get up every time I need something.

My daughter said she was sure her iPad is somewhere in the living room, but I cannot find it.

We should move this picnic inside; I think it will rain soon.

Why ants are going in this direction? Is it the north?

Are you crazy? Dogs do not walk backward.

We were discussing tomorrow’s plan and he suddenly said, ‘Go away, Helen!’.

Here you can find all the cups and glasses if you want to drink something.

This place is so boring. I would rather spend my time anywhere but here.

Last thing I know that the children went out and they have not call any of us yet.

Oh! I found the remote finally. It is just over there.

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