ACT Test Prep: Ordering the ACT Test Information Release

Would it be great if students could see exactly where they excelled on the ACT test and where they may have missed the mark? With the ACT Test Information Release they can do just that. This special service from the ACT organization provides students with the list of answers and key from their recent ACT test.

The Test Information Release (TIR) can be an essential tool for ACT studying. Here’s what you need to know in order to help students register and analyze their ACT results.

Essentials for Requesting the ACT TIR

In order to request a Test Information Release (TIR), students need to follow a few simple rules. The TIR is only available from tests taken during specific national testing days in December, April and June. If students take the test on any other dates, they won’t be able to request the TIR report.

In addition to taking the test on a specific date, students also need to take it at a specific testing site. There are national test centers for the ACT. If students want a TIR report they need to plan ahead and take the test at one of these centers.

After taking the test, students can test request the TIR with a form on the official ACT site. There’s an $18 charge for the TIR package. If students requests it before their ACT date, they will receive their initial score report first and then their TIR about four weeks later. Students have up to three months after their initial test date to request the TIR. These TIR report requests are normally fulfilled within 3 to 5 weeks after receipt.

What does the ACT TIR include?

Students that order and pay for the Test Information Release after their test at a national test center or a national test date will receive the following:

  • A list of their answers.

  • A copy of the multiple-choice test questions used to determine their score.

  • The answer key to their test.

  • Scoring instructions.

There are also TIR reports for the ACT Writing test. These reports include:

  • A copy of the writing prompt.

  • The scoring rubric.

  • The scores assigned to the student’s essay by two readers.

Studying Using the TIR

After students receive the TIR, they should review the questions they’ve missed and make plans to study the concepts – and not the exact answers. Remind students that the same questions won’t be repeated on the next test, and that it’s important for them to understand *why* they missed those questions. If they see that spatial relations or parts of speech were a big problem for them on the test, they can study those specific areas to prepare for the next time around.

Having the answer key and their test results can help students prepare and improve their score on the ACT. That’s why it’s so important for students to take a test at one of the designated centers and on one of the designated dates. The TIR can be an invaluable tool for preparing for better ACT scores, especially when it is combined with online test prep software.

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