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24. Find the value of x
A. 11.5
B. 10.5
C. 12.5
D. 11.25
25. FIND X and Y in the parallelogram below
A. x = 10, y = 36
B. x = 15, y = 39
C. x = 15, y = 36
D. x = 10, y = 39
26. In the parallelogram below, m<BEA = 100°, m<AED = ___.
A. 100
B. 90
C. 80
D. 60
27. Given that â–¡||â–¡ Solve for x.
A. 23
B. 24
C. 25
D. 26
28. If ABCD is a parallelogram, m<D = x, and m<A = 3x + 4, find m<A.
A. 136
B. 146
C. 44
D. 34
29. Find the area of a kite KLMN with KM = 13cm and LN = 7cm.
A. 20cm²
B. 40cm²
C. 78cm²
D. 91cm²
30. For which of the following are the diagonals congruent?
A. rectangle
B. Square
C. isosceles trapezoid
D. all of the above
31. ABCD is a parallelogram with DB = 13, AB = 12. Find BC.
A. 13
B. 12
C. 6
D. 5
32. The sides of a square measure 2.5 ft each. If three squares fit perfectly side by side in one rectangle, what are the minimum dimensions of the rectangle?
A. 5ft, 2ft
B. 7.5ft, 7.5ft
C. 7.5ft, 3ft
D. 7.5ft, 2.5ft

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ACTIVITY 3: TRAPEZOID AND KITEDirections: Refer to the trapezoid MATH with median KS.

1. If AT = 10 and MH = 16, what is the measure of KS?2. If AT = 8, MH = 14, and KS = x + 2, find the value of x. What is KS?3. If AT = x, KS = 12, and MH = 20, what is the value of x? What is KS?4. If AT = x – 3, KS = 21, and MH = 30, what is the value of x? What is AT?5. If AK = 5 and MK = 2x – 1, what is the value of x? What is MK?

Directions: Given an isosceles trapezoid TRAP, name the bases, name the base angles, and name the legs.

1. Name the bases.2. Name the base angles.3. Name the legs.4. If LP = 1 and MT = 50, what is R?5. If FA = 3v – ?, and TR = 112, what is y?6. If TA = 120 and x = 84, what is RP?7. If TA = 2r + 5 and RP = x + 17, what is TA?

Directions: Consider the kite LUKE on the right. Name the pairs of congruent adjacent sides.

1. What is UK?2. What is LE?3. If ML = 64, what is JAL?4. What is MLUK?5. If PILI = 75, what is LEX?6. If UE = 7, what is the area of th…


Giren: “=8 217.65<5,3,337 (01) The unit vector in the opposite direction of 3# 26 is (A) <-2-13 2837; (B) <-19,12. 9 >. (C) <-4/5,3/5,0>; (D) <19.0.97; (E) None of these (02) If hl =4Wbl = and the angle between them is 7/3 nen (A) 3; (B) -6; (C) 6; (D)-3; (E) None of these (03) What is the value of x such that the angle between <2,1,-1> and <1,x,0> is 30° (A) -1; (B) 2; (C) -1/5; (D) 1/7; (E) None of these. The scalar projection of b =<2,3,-3> onto 4,<2,1> is 4/3; (B) -7/3; (C) -6/3; (D) 5/3; (E) None of these. The vector projection of b i+k onto 4k is 28/2Sk; (B) -21/5i + 28/5j; (C) -3/25j + 4/25k; (D) -21/25i + 28/25k; (E) None of these (06) The normal vector to the plane containing P(0, 0, -3), Q(4,2,0) and R(3,3,1) is 3/7; (B) <4,2,3> + 4/7; (C) <3,3,4> x <4,2,3>; (D) <0,3,4> x <0, 1,0>; (E) None of these. (07) The parametric equation of the line passing through (2, -3,4) and parallel to <-1,2,5> is x = 2-t, y = -3+2t, z = 4+5t; (B) x = -1+2t, y = 2-3t, z = 4+5t; (C) x = 2-t, y =…


30-38: MATH: Pasagot poThe right; DC = 20 cm and AB = 36 cm: What is FE? 30. In the figure, AD = Zx – 10 and BC = x + 30, then BC = 31.31. The figure below is a parallelogram.32. The figure below is a rhombus. If m2 = (4x) and mE = (Zx + 60), what is m2?33. Quadrilateral BEST is a parallelogram. If mB = (x + 40), what is mLB?34. What similarity concept justifies that AFEL~AQWN?35. If r varies inversely as 5 and 1=100 when 5=27, what is the constant of variation?36. If 8 men can paint a house in 15 days, how long will it take 12 men to finish the same work?37. Which of the following is the result when we simplify (VS + 5)(v3 – 5)?38. If r varies directly as x, and inversely as the square of y, and Z = 16 when x = 4 and y = 3, what is the equation of variation?


7. #AD-y-2EF=20 & BC-31, what is the value of y? A 15 B. 11 C. 10.2 D. 258. The area of kite PLAY is 135 cm^2 and diagonal LY=9 cm, what is the measurement of the other diagonal? A. 50 B. 20 C. 30 D. 409. In trapezoid MILE with median OT, then OTIMT and OTIILE. What theorem supports this statement? A. The Midline Theorem B. The Diagonal Theorem C. The Mid-segment Theorem D. The Parallel Theorem10. Which of the following quadrilaterals has diagonals that do not bisect each other? A. Square B. Rhombus C. Rectangle D. Trapezoid11. Which of the following conditions is not sufficient to prove that a quadrilateral is a parallelogram? A. Two pairs of sides are parallel B. Two angles are supplementary C. Two diagonals bisect each other D. Two pairs of opposite sides are congruent12. Which of the following is NOT considered as a property of a parallelogram? A. Diagonals bisect each other B. Opposite angles are congruent C. Opposite sides are congruent D. Opposite sides are not parallel13…


Solve the problem: A tree casts a shadow 15 m long. If the shadow of a person standing next to the tree is 26 m long, find the height of the tree to the nearest meter.

On a cloudy day, Joan needed to know the height of a window in a building. Joan positioned herself 4 meters from the building and looked in the mirror. She saw the window in the mirror, which was 19.93 cm from her feet and 31.33 m from the base of the building. Joan’s eye was 1.91 m above the ground. How high up on the building was the window located? Round to the nearest unit: A) 30 m B) 122 m C) 13 m D) 1 m

A line from the top of a cliff to the ground passes just over the top of a pole that is 7.0 ft high and meets the ground at a point 6.0 ft from the base of the pole. If the point is 81 ft from the base of the cliff, how high is the cliff? Round to the nearest unit: A) 3402 ft B) 95 ft C) 567 ft D) 7 ft

Let a and b represent the two legs of a right triangle, while c represents the hypotenuse. Find the length of t…

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