Looking for the perfect activity to help your students practice the unit circle? Check out these 7 engaging unit circle activities I use with my pre-calculus students during our trigonometry unit.

Unit Circle Activities

Exact Values of Trig Functions Leap Frog Game

This Leap Frog style game gives students much-needed practice evaluating trig functions using the unit circle.

Unit Circle Paper Plate Activity

Make the unit circle memorable with this unit circle paper plate activity.

Unit Circle Projects

After years of seeing other teachers share pictures of the unit circle projects their students created, I decided to finally take the plunge. I assigned my trig students the task of creating a visual representation (2d or 3d) of the unit circle in lieu of a semester test in trigonometry. Check out the results!

Unit Circle Magnets

I created these unit circle magnets to use with my dry erase magnetic unit circle from EAI Education. I plan to use the magnets both as a way to have a large unit circle on the wall of my classroom and for various activities throughout the year.

Deriving the Unit Circle Foldable

Several years ago, I created this deriving the unit circle foldable for my trigonometry students to work through and glue in their interactive notebooks.

Unit Circle Bingo Game

I decided to create a Unit Circle Bingo Game to give my Pre-Calculus students some much-needed practice with evaluating trig functions using the unit circle. Technically, this is more of a game of connect 4 than bingo, but bingo just sounds more fun.

Fill in the Blank Unit Circle Chart

I created this fill-in-the-blank unit circle chart for my pre-calculus classes to use as they practice constructing the unit circle from memory.

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