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“I’m looking forward to going back for Carl Cox and other shows.” in 2 reviews

“There is a small balcony area which I’m assuming is going to be for VIP’s at concerts.” in 3 reviews

“Overall pretty clean and vibey place!” in 3 reviews

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  • Aug 10, 2023

    Came after Lollapalooza Day 2 to see Sudden death. Super fun time with good drinks. The club itself is super big so it doesn’t feel stuffy or crowded.

    Security is very tight. I had to walk my friend outside of the club and wait for her mom to pick her up but when I tried to go back inside, they were very strict on re entering the venue. Even if you have your ticket, they won’t let you re enter. However on my way out I explained the situation to a club bouncer, Mike. He was super understanding and allowed us to go back. I really appreciated him that night!

  • Apr 16, 2023

    I’ve been to Radius for a few shows but last night had an awful experience. Went to the Boiler Room Chicago pop up. The security was EXTREMELY handsy behind the stage. They were literally just bulldozing through people to get to the stage. They would grab people and forcibly move them and then make little dancing circles for their security friends. I watched them accept $200 on venmo two different times from people to get on the stage. The amount of guys who man handled me last night made me extremely uncomfortable. After the night was over, it all just gave me the ick. My girlfriends left after the first 45 minutes bc of how security was treating people. Absolutely not going back.

    Edit: I’m updating this to show the bruises I have on my legs from security pushing everyone. They were pushing us so that they could make a dance circle with only security. They were obnoxious and on some weird power trip. I noticed the bruises the day after and now they’re in that yellow and purple stage.

  • Jun 12, 2023

    To be honest, I thought this was a pretty solid club! I went for Tiësto last night, and it was so much fun. Drinks were pretty reasonably priced for a club venue and it had amazing air circulation, and it was actually a very nice temperature throughout the concert. This was pretty surprising, considering a lot of the other venues. It tends to get rather hot and this was not the case here. They also had another stage with a concert going on I stepped in for a minute, but it wasn’t necessarily my vibe just as in the music quality but it was still cool they had this giant space to do things. I would definitely go back if there was another cool concert in the area it seems like they have a good set list.

  • Dec 29, 2022

    This was my first show at this venue, we were here for the In This Moment show. I love that this big of a space allowed for aerial silk performers, I have seen ITM before but never with that added flair, and it was super cool. The sound quality was good, and even pretty far back we were able to see the performers on stage.

    It was easy to Lyft to and get picked up from.
    It’s a pretty standard standing room only space. I appreciated that they had separate merch lines for each artist, which cut down on some time wasting. They also sell cheese curds? Which is random but made my partner’s Wisconsin heart happy.
    The only thing that was weird was that none of the staff seemed to know what was going on when it came to VIP. We got sent to three different places by three different people. Eventually, it got sorted out but if you’re paying extra, it’s annoying to have to keep searching for where to go.
    All in all, I’d come back here again for another show.

  • Aug 11, 2022

    Radius, you’re not my favorite venue tonight. My feet and toes are killing me. Security couldn’t tell who was drunk or sober, so they wouldn’t let anyone sit. After standing outside for more than 3 hrs and then standing inside for 3 hrs.. do the math. That’s 6 hours of standing. At one point, I headed to the restroom because a few minutes sitting on a toilet in Chinatown sounded too tempting to pass up.

    Aside from this one issue, I liked this place. It’s very clean and very spacious. The food isn’t even terrible. It’s pricey, but as venue food goes, it wasn’t bad. The burgers all come the same though. -Loaded with mayo and sautéed onions among other things, so I hope you like both of those.
    There are 3 areas to buy adult beverages, although I barely saw anyone drinking tonight. Of course, it’s Kpop and most of their fanbase seems to be underaged girls.
    Your takeaway: wear very comfortable shoes

  • Jan 10, 2023

    always love coming here, it’s the best venue out there. they have coat check on colder days and not very long lines to bars. they have a variety of them inside so you can walk around and choose. staff is also friendly and really take care of the place.

    this is when we went to go see tiesto

  • Dec 19, 2022

    Cool venue! Came here for a Dominic Fike concert, and it gives a really cool vibe, and has great sound and stage effects. The neon red lights that accentuate the walls and ceilings add a nice glow that emanates a club vibe. The actual standing area is really long (rather than wide) facing the stage, and bars are lined on both sides so you have lots of access to drinks! There’s also a bar in the back and food stand.

    Standing room felt typical for a music venue though I feel like moving farther away from the stage might have given more room still with a good view. They do have a balcony with standing room open to all on the second floor, which is situated to the right of the stage. The good spots were taken by the time we got there.
    Overall pretty clean and vibey place! I’d def come back for a concert. Also staff were efficient in letting people in. The line wrapped all the way around the corner where 88 market is, but it kept moving so didn’t feel too long. They do a quick ID and bag check so the line keeps moving.

  • Oct 8, 2022

    I loved the overall vibe and decorations of the venue, the lines moved quickly through security, and they ensured that the crowd to get in for general admission got in before the event started in a safe manner. There are streets nearby for free street parking if you come early (didn’t see any signs saying otherwise).

    The only thing about the venue to note is that if you’re coming to see an artist, you must come early and be at the front in order to see them properly, if not you will likely be blocked by taller people. Also the crowds can get pushy and the AC isn’t very strong so come hydrated and prepared to stand on guard for the entire 4 time while you try to see. Your experience largely depends on your spot!

  • Feb 27, 2022

    I’m not sure what all the negative feedback is all about. I just attended Dropkick Murphys here last night for my first visit to Radius. What an incredible venue!

    The space is enormous with plenty of room to make it up to the pit or to casually hang in the back. There was plenty of bathroom space, several bars and even some food in the back.
    Fine, the drinks are way overpriced, but where are they not these days? I thought security was fine, the few employees I spoke to were courteous.
    We were also able to park in the Chinatown lot which was only like a 8 minute walk from the venue. That also means we were able to enjoy a great Chinese dinner before walking over!
    Thanks to its proximity to Chinatown, Radius is also super accessible from the interstate.
    I can’t wait to go back for more shows.

  • Mar 8, 2022

    I really like this new venue.

    Transportation: If you aren’t driving there, it’s easier to get in and around the line of traffic for parking. I’m told the parking sucks. I figured based on how small the entrance is and it being so close to 90/94. It looked like it sucked to get out as well but I don’t know for sure. I took a Lyft to and from and had no issue.
    Inside the venue is pretty cool. A good amount of bars and plenty of bathrooms. The drinks are overpriced…it’s a concert in Chicago, get over it. However, I do think cheaper water would be a good idea to encourage people to stay hydrated safe.
    I saw Killswitch Engage and August Burns Red. It was a fun show. You can hear well from any spot but can’t see the show while getting a drink. I think there was probably a better layout option to fix this and that’s why we are at 4 stars. Otherwise, pretty happy with this venue.

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