Figurative Language Quiz
Figurative Language Quiz

5 ways to make teaching figurative language fun

1. Have Students Identify Figurative Language Examples from Their Favorite Songs

After students review figurative language, one activity that’s a hit every year in my room is to have them find an example of figurative language from one of their favorite (appropriate) songs. For this activity, I post directions on the first Google Slide, an example on the 2nd slide, and then leave enough slides blank for students to find a slide and complete the activity. The video shows the directions I give, the example slide, and some of my students’ work from this assignment. If you would like to use the template I did, which includes the directions and example slide, click HERE.

2. Digital Escape Room

3. Teaching Figurative Language in Songs

To introduce figurative language, use songs students are familiar with. This video provides examples of songs students know that includes figurative language. Then each type is defined. This is a more engaging way to have students take notes rather than just copying what the teacher writes. I also have interactive, drag-and-drop digital activities that first teach students about the different types of figurative language. Then I have them identify figurative language in pop songs. You can check that out here.

4. Task Cards Figurative Language Activities

5. Use an Online Game Platforms

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