Happy Monday! For the Back to School Sale I bundled together 4 of my top selling Language Arts products in my 4th Grade Language Arts Bundle…

1) Homonym a Day!

2) Figurative Language

Included in this set:
-6 Figurative Language Posters with examples
-A Figurative Language Tree Map that students can use to record figurative language that they find in their stories
-A Figurative Language Foldable. Great for introducing the new concepts or as a study tool.
-Figurative Language Hunt- Can be done in partners or individually. Students color code 60 examples of different figurative language examples Students practice not only identifying which figurative language technique is being used, but also interpreting their meanings
-A figurative Language Review Game with 40 different question cards that quiz the students on their mastery of Figurative language. Great for Center work, for fast finishers or for test prep!(Slides 17-38)

3) Root Words

This pack includes:
60 of the most commonly used roots.
60 circle map activities to help build schema and promote understanding of the roots more by: drawing a picture, coming up with examples of the root and writing a sentence with a word of their choice.
In addition, there is a “I have, Who has..?” game to review all 60 roots. Break it up every few weeks, for a great for review and informal assessment.

4) Idioms

Every day present an idiom. Ask the class if anyone has a prediction of what the idiom means. Use it in a sentence to generate more guesses. Write down the definition, have them copy it in their book and then draw a picture to create a visual representation of the idiom. Quiz them every so often.

This set is a steal when bundled together AND enjoy 28% off today and tomorrow! Grab it here!

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