20 Examples of Adverbs of Place In Sentences | Adverbs of Place Sentences Examples

What Is an Adverb of Place?

An Adverb of place is used to tell us where something happens. They are usually placed after the main verb or after the clause. Adverbs of Place include: inside, outside, above, down, behind, here, there, below, between, nearby, anywhere, around, etc.

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20 Examples of Adverbs of Place In Sentences

Below are 20 examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences. Adverbs of Place given in each sentence are marked with red color.

1. The taxi is waiting outside.

2. She lay down and fell asleep.

3. You may leave your bag here.

4. The bag has been left behind.

5. The film has rocketed overseas.

6. Wait there until I get back.

7. The orange appears rotten inside.

8. All my friends live nearby.

9. I am not going anywhere on Sunday.

10. Who lives in the room below?

11. He stared up at the stars above.

12. Turn left at the end of the street.

13. The birds flew upward.

14. We stayed indoors all day.

15. The car was coming straight at me.

16. The children are upstairs in bed.

17. He went downstairs and slept.

18. We searched everywhere for them.

19. I stepped forward to greet him.

20. They got sideways over a girl.

List of Adverbs of Place Word

  • Above
  • Abroad
  • Anywhere
  • Back
  • Behind
  • Below
  • Down
  • Downward
  • Everywhere
  • Forward
  • Here
  • In
  • Inside
  • Left
  • Near
  • Nearby
  • Outside
  • Over there
  • Sideways
  • There
  • Towards
  • Under
  • Underneath
  • Upward
  • Where

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