17 Best VR Multiplayer Games on the Oculus Quest 2

Looking for some awesome multiplayer VR games? Want a fun VR co op experience to enjoy with your friends? Well then look no further because this list of the best Multiplayer Quest 2 games is sure to have multiplayer VR games that you will enjoy inside. This list gives you a lot of options and contains a lot of different genres of multiplayer VR games, so be sure to read the whole list so that you find something that you’ll like.

On to the show, here are the 17 Best Multiplayer Oculus Quest 2 Games.

Multiplayer VR Tactical PvP Game – Breachers

The Breachers Logo

If you want a multiplayer vr game that gives you a tactical PvP teambased experience, then there is no better game out there on the Oculus Quest 2, and even no better game on PCVR, than Breachers.

Breachers combines elements from a lot of existing flatscreen and multiplayer VR games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Pavlov, and Onward into a single fantastic experience. In Breachers you are either an Enforcer or a Revolter. The Revolters try to defend two bomb sites on the map while the Enforcers have to break into the building and plant an EMP to disable one of the bombs. Or, more often, one team wipes out the other to win.

Getting a headshot in Breachers

Breachers gives you a wide variety of weapons and gadgets to achieve these goals. From drones to grenades, you have a lot of tools in your tactical kit. The time to kill is pretty quick, and each round is intense with close quarters and very tactical combat where a single wrong move can cost you your life.

If you want a tactical VR PvP experience that encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and quick reflexes, then Breachers is a fantastic game that doesn’t get old. The game is also receiving updates, so even more maps and gamemodes are on the way.

Multiplayer VR Tag – Gorilla Tag

The Gorilla Tag Logo

Want to play a fun game of tag in VR? Want to experience a movement system like no other that is easy to learn and hard to master? Then try out Gorilla Tag (it’s free!) and find out why this is the most popular multiplayer VR game out there.

Gorilla Tag is a game built from the ground up for VR, taking inspiration from Echo Arena’s zero gravity movement system to create a way to move around in a multiplayer VR game that is completely unlike anything on the flatscreen or in Virtual Reality. To move you slap your hand against a surface to push off from it, because in Gorilla Tag you have no legs. This movement system is what makes this such an incredible game. Hitting your hand against a surface in the right way to launch yourself in the direction you want is strangely addictive and is the core of what makes Gorilla Tag so much fun.

Waving hi to a fellow monkey in Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag has a lot of gamemodes. The most common is Infection, where one player becomes the lava monkey, and tags other players to turn them into lava monkeys, until everyone is tagged. There are other gamemodes too, and even casual games to just hang out in or even minigames like shooting a slingshot at targets around the map.

Gorilla Tag’s uniqueness and finely tuned movement makes it a fantastic game, and a prime example of what Virtual Reality games can do that others can’t. If you want a fun Multiplayer game of tag unlike any that you can experience in the real world, or just want to monkey around for a while, then Gorilla Tag is a must try at the price of zero dollars.

Multiplayer VR MMORPG – Zenith: The Last City

The Zenith: The Last City Logo

If you’ve ever wondered what an MMORPG would look like as a VR multiplayer game, then Zenith: The Last City is currently the best multiplayer VR game to try to find out.

Zenith, like any other MMO, is always online and always keeps you in a game mode with other players. You create a character by picking one of a few classes, and then explore the game world as you level up your character by completing quests and fighting enemies. Zenith’s combat changes depending on which class you picked. You can be a sword fighter, or a ranged shooter, or even both.

Fighting an enemy in Zenith

There are a lot of different areas to explore in Zenith: The Last City, and a lot of people to meet along the way. As you level your character up and collect better equipment by utilizing Zenith’s crafting system, the world opens up to you. There’s even PvP now, and all of the core components of what makes an MMORPG an MMORPG are available in Zenith: The Last City, but entirely in Virtual Reality!

Of all VR multiplayer games, none does the MMO genre more justice than Zenith: The Last City. If you want to know an a VRMMORPG could be like then you must try this game.

Quest 2 Multiplayer Sandbox – Rec Room

The Rec Room Logo

If you’re really unsure what sort of game you want to play, or just want a place to hang out and do a variety of fun activities with friends or strangers, then Rec Room offers a huge array of different games and places to talk.

Rec Room is a ton of different VR games combined into one. There’s paintball, archery, sword swinging adventures, and a bunch more. If you’re feeling creative then Rec Room even gives you the tools to make your own games and maps! While Rec Room doesn’t do any one type of game the best, it has a huge variety of options, and you can customize your avatar with different hair styles, faces, and clothing.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to try, or want a multiplayer VR game that is more social than competitive, then Rec Room gives you a ton of games to enjoy. Make friends and have fun however you want in the sandbox that is Rec Room, and do it all for free.

VR Multiplayer Ping Pong – Eleven Table Tennis

The Eleven Table Tennis Logo

While there are a few VR table tennis games out there, none does multiplayer VR ping pong better than Eleven Table Tennis.

If you want a game of Ping Pong in Virtual Reality, then Eleven Table Tennis is the best game for that on the Quest 2. With a few different environments to play in and costumes to wear, there’s some customization available, and even music that plays as you play. Mostly though, Eleven Table Tennis shines as a multiplayer VR game both through its support of multiplayer VR table tennis, and the quality of the experience.

The physics of this game function very closely to the physics of an actual Ping Pong table. The multiplayer has great connectivity and few bugs. Overall if you want a multiplayer VR table tennis experience then there’s none that have more polish than Eleven Table Tennis.

Multiplayer VR Sword Fighting – Broken Edge

The Broken Edge Logo

Want to sword fight another person in Virtual Reality? Well then the multiplayer VR game for you might be Broken Edge.

In Broken Edge you face another person in a VR sword fighting match. Though the rules are a little different from a real life sword fighting match. Whenever you block your opponent’s blade both of you lose a part of the sword depending on where it’s cut. Basically, you want to use the very top of your blade to cut the bottom of theirs to cut off more. If a player runs out of sword then they’re basically defenseless. Alternatively you could just go straight for the kill by attacking the other player’s body, though this only works if you’ve been pointing your sword at them for a few moments first, so no easy sneak attacks.

There are a bunch of different characters to choose from in Broken Edge with a variety of weapons and offhanded support items. Be a knight with a sword and shield, or a samurai with a katana and two wakizashi, or a duelist with a rapier and dagger, or many others.

The rules make the game differ from an actual sword fight, but the overall experience is very skill oriented and balanced between the different classes. If you want a multiplayer VR game to fulfil your sword fighting cravings against a live opponent, then Broken Edge is the best way to satisfy on the Meta Quest 2.

VR Co Op Horde Shooter – After The Fall

The After The Fall Logo

Ever wanted to know what a game like Left 4 Dead, Vermintide, or Darktide would look and feel like in Virtual Reality? Well this VR Co Op game will show you because that’s exactly what it is.

After The Fall is a Co Op VR action game where you are a survivor in a snowy apocalypse in a world inhabited by icy zombies. You and three other survivors go out from the shelter of your underground home to scavenge for resources by mowing down hordes of these zombies.

Shooting into a crowd of zombies in After The Fall

Just like in other horde shooters there are a lot of different specialty zombie types to spice up the gameplay. Also you can heavily customize your loadout with a huge variety of weapons, stims, grenades, and gadgets. The more you play the more different options you unlock, and harder missions you can try for greater rewards. After The Fall has a great progression system alongside great VR Multiplayer Co Op gameplay.

If you want to fight hordes of the undead with your friends, or want a horde shooter experience like that found on the flat screen in Left 4 Dead, then After The Fall is the game for you.

Multiplayer VR Social Deduction – Among Us VR

The Among Us VR Logo

Among Us is infamous as a smash indie hit that took the world by storm. The version you may have already tried on a computer of phone had you control a little 2D sprite spaceman as you tried to complete your tasks aboard the ship and find out who the impostor is.

Well now you can have the whole Among Us experience in a multiplayer Virtual Reality game with Among Us VR! This VR version of the original game enhances the social deduction experience by removing the top down view of the original and putting you directly in the shoes of your blobby spaceman. Do your tasks with your actual hands to pull levelers and knobs or to push buttons. Peer through the actual corridors of the spaceship and keep watch around corners, the impostor might be lurking there.

Accusing another player in Among Us VR

The experience of accusing somebody you can actually look at and point to enhances the Among Us experience greatly. All of the things that made the original great are here in Among Us VR, but made even better by the immersive nature of VR, and the ability to interact with the ship and other players with your hands. Whether you’re the impostor or a crewmate, multiplayer VR social deduction is even better with Among Us VR.

VR Multiplayer Social Hangout – VRChat

The VRChat Logo

VRChat is the most famous (and infamous) VR chat application out there. It was one of the first to ever exist, and is still the most popular out there. If you want to meet some friends in a purely social space then VRChat might be the multiplayer VR game for you.

In VRChat that’s all that you do, hang out and chat. You can go to a number of public worlds to meet people, and even make or join private worlds for smaller communities of people. Talk as long as you like, and change your look to be any kind of avatar that you can think of. You can be anything from Mario to a big dragon. One of the most entertaining aspects of VRChat is your ability to look like basically anything.

If you want a fun social experience in Virtual Reality, then there’s no more classic multiplayer VR social game than VRChat. All you have to do to get into it is join a public world and introduce yourself. If you want to make some friends online and just chat and hang out, then VRChat is still the multiplayer VR game for you, and it’s free on the Quest 2!

Multiplayer VR PvP Bullet Hell Shooter – Blaston

A Blaston Free To Play Logo

Blaston is another game that is very unique to VR, and can really only be done in VR. It is a VR Bullet Hell shooter… that is also a multiplayer VR competitive shooter.

In Blaston you face off against a single opponent just a few feet in front of you. You have a little platform to move around on by physically moving your body, about the size of a typical room. When the match starts your weapons will spawn on the edges of your little platform, within arms reach. So do your enemy’s weapons. So you grab your weapons and fire at your enemy, while they fire back.

A crazy match of Blaston

Blaston mixes intense dodging and bullet hell gameplay, like that also found in Pistol Whip, with the need to also aim at your opponent and fire back. This makes for extremely intense and competitive gameplay as you try to deplete your opponent’s health before yours goes to zero.

There’s a ton of weapons to choose from and try in your loadout, and a competitive ladder mode. If you want a multiplayer VR bullet hell shooter that pits you against another player then you won’t find anything else like Blaston. Oh, and you should also know that Blaston is free!

VR Multiplayer Flying Game – Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific

The Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific Logo

If you’ve got the itch to get high in the sky in your very own World War 2 era aircraft, then there’s no better way to experience that thrill than with Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific.

This game lets you fly a huge variety of World War 2 era propellor aircraft in the Pacific theater. Each aircraft has an intricately modelled cockpit, and there are a huge number of missions to fly. Best of all this is also a VR multiplayer game! There is a small community actively flying missions in Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific, and you can join in for some dogfights and strafing runs of your own.

Attacking a bridge in Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific

You and your teammates fight as hard as you can to achieve a number of objectives in any of the numerous missions in this game. As far as multiplayer VR flying fun, it doesn’t get much better than Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific, so if you want to fly a combat mission yourself in VR with some friends then definitely pick up this game.

Open World Multiplayer VR RPG – A Township Tale

The A Township Tale Logo

A Township Tale isn’t quite a VR MMORPG, but it certainly isn’t singleplayer, though you can also play it solo if you like.

Still, the real magic of A Township Tale is being part of a bustling town in this multiplayer VR RPG. You can group up with other players, explore the world, and contribute to a variety of building projects. There’s combat, and even a huge dungeon-like mine to delve into. Though most of the enjoyment of the game comes from exploring the majestic world with others and discovering what lies out there.

Crafting a backpack in A Township Tale

To make equipment and explore as much as you can though, you’ll need to gather resources to create items and build bridges over obstacles. The crafting system can be a little hard to handle at first, but that’s what makes it the best crafting system on the Oculus Quest 2. The more things you make then the better you get at making them. You don’t just throw a bunch of ingredients into a pile and out pops a finished product. No, you need to add them one by one, wrap bindings, and hammer in nails yourself.

If you want to experience a great crafting system while you explore a huge world with others, and don’t mind doing some rock mining and tree chopping as well, then you should give A Township Tale a try. It is a fantastic multiplayer VR game.

Multiplayer VR Extraction Shooter – Ghosts of Tabor

A Ghosts Of Tabor Logo

Ever wanted the heart pounding, mouth drying rush you get from Escape From Tarkov, but in Virtual Reality? Well Ghosts of Tabor is, in short, VR Escape From Tarkov.

Like any extraction shooter out there, you equip yourself with a variety of military gear, pick a map, and load into a raid. Each raid is timed, and you have to gather supplies, fight human and NPC enemies, and get out alive before the timer is up by making your way to one of a number of extraction points on the map. What makes this such an intense experience is that you have something to lose each time you enter a raid, namely your equipment.

Fighting with a Pistol in Ghosts Of Tabor

You get some weapons, backpacks, ammunition, and armor when you start the game, but you only have so much. Each time you go into a raid you risk losing what you brought in. Not to mention you also risk losing whatever great stuff you managed to find. The gunplay is fantastic in this game, and you’ll feel genuinely nervous and shaky because you have a really big incentive to not lose.

If you want to try out the extraction shooter genre in VR, or want to play a game like Escape From Tarkov in VR, or just want an intense multiplayer VR shooter with some RPG elements in it, then try Ghosts of Tabor. It’s fantastic.

Multiplayer VR Golf – Golf+

The Golf+ Logo

If you want to enjoy a relaxing game of Golf with your buddy in Virtual Reality, then there’s no better all around golf simulator than Golf+.

Whether you want to golf a full 18 holes or just spend a little time hanging out and talking while smashing balls down the driving range, then Golf+ has that. With a huge number of courses and fantastically smooth multiplayer VR gameplay, Golf+ simply offers the game of golf in its most realistic and easiest to use form on the Quest 2.

So if you want to play a game of Golf when the weather is bad, or you’re a country away from someone to play with, give Golf+ a try.

Multiplayer VR Poker – Pokerstars VR | Poker VR

The Poker VR Logo

If you’re a fan of online poker, but want to actually be able to see and look at your internet opponent, then there’s no better substitute than Pokerstars VR (or Poker VR).

These two games have some small differences that, if you’re interested, you should try out for yourself to discover. Since both games are free, trying both won’t cost you a dime. Mostly though they both boil down to the same thing, a game of online poker where you and your opponents all have a virtual avatar that follows your head and hand movements.

Now you can play online poker while still getting to interact with the cards and your opponents. All of the extra impressiveness and immersiveness of Virtual Reality makes the game of Poker even better, and more of an immersive experience when playing online.

So if you want to up your online Poker game, give Pokerstars VR or Poker VR a try for free.

Highly Moddable Multiplayer VR Shooter – Contractors

The Contractors Logo

Contractors on it’s own is a good VR shooter. Still potentially good enough to make it on this list of the best multiplayer VR games even. What makes it a truly fantastic multiplayer VR game though, is how moddable it is.

The base game of Contractors plays sort of like a Call of Duty in VR. Lots of modern weapons to choose from, quick movement, and fast turnaround from death to being back in the fight. With mods though, Contractors becomes a ton of fantastic shooter games in one. Want to play Team Fortress 2 in Virtual Reality? Contractors has a mod for that. Battlefront 2 in Virtual Reality? (Star Wars clone troopers vs Battle Droids) Contractors has that too.

Clones and Droids fighting in an amazing Contractors Star Wars Mod

There are more mods being made all of the time for this VR multiplayer shooter. So really Contractors is a ton of multiplayer VR shooter games in one. If you want a wide variety of experiences, then give Contractors a try. Even the base game by itself is really fun too. Also, if you’re wondering what sorts of mods there are to try, then check out this article with 5 of the best.

VR Multiplayer Spaceship Simulator – Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The Star Trek: Bridge Crew Logo

While there are a lot of great VR space games on the Oculus Quest 2, none does the space genre better in multiplayer than Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Instead of being a single ship or a single person on that ship, Star Trek: Bridge Crew makes you just a single cog in the machine of a starship from the Star Trek universe. Different locations on the bridge mean different responsibilities and different gameplay, so even when you’ve mastered one post there’s more of the game to discover and learn. A number of different scenarios will put you and your comrades on the bridge to the test as you work together to overcome a variety of obstacles and threats.

If you want to be a part of a ship crew on the Meta Quest 2, and also want to have a fun space adventure aboard your own Star Trek spaceship, then Star Trek: Bridge Crew gives a unique a extremely team focused experience.

Well, there you have it, the 17 Best Multiplayer VR Games on the Oculus Quest 2. Hopefully a few of the items on this list seem interesting to you. We’ve covered a wide variety of multiplayer VR genres, and no matter what you’re interested in, there’s probably a VR multiplayer game for that on the Quest 2.

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