<span>1350 SAT Colleges: Best Schools That Accept a 1350 SAT Score</span>

1350 SAT Colleges: Best Schools That Accept a 1350 SAT Score

The SAT is a college entrance exam that tests high school students throughout the country on reading, mathematics, and writing. The SAT is scored on a scale of 400 to 1600, with a 1600 being the highest possible score. A score of 1350 indicates that you answered a large portion of the questions correctly.

Is A 1350 SAT Score (91st Percentile) Good?

When we talk about “good” or “not-so-good” scores, the ideal way to regard it is like this: does this SAT score allow me to apply to a wide variety of colleges? Does it allow me to apply as a competitive candidate? For a 1350, the answer is a resounding yes.

Another way to look at your score is through percentages. The average national score on the SAT every year is between 1050 and 1100. That means, if you score a 1059, you’re in the 50%, which means you scored higher than 50% of all test takers.

A score of 1350 places you in approximately the 91st percentile of students nationwide which means that you scored better than all but nine percent of test takers. With this score in hand, you’ll be able to apply to every college in the country and be competitive for admission at just about all of them, including a good number of selective schools.

Since the primary benefits of excelling on the SAT is being eligible for more merit aid and becoming a competitive candidate for as many colleges and universities as possible, a score of 1350 accomplishes this goal.

What Colleges Can I Get Into With an SAT Score of 1350?

An SAT score of 1350 means that you’ll be able to apply to a variety of institutions, from small liberal arts colleges to large public universities at a competitive level. We’ve assembled a sample list of these schools below. Keep in mind that even the best SAT score doesn’t guarantee admission by itself, but every one of these colleges has established a history of accepting students with a 1350.

Should I Retake the SAT with a 1350 Score?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want. Does a 1350 allow you to apply to your ideal school as a competitive candidate? If the answer is yes, then it’s not necessary to retake it.

You’re well set up to go to just about any college or university you want. If that feels a bit overwhelming, reach out to your college counselor and schedule an appointment. After getting a sense of where you’re most comfortable, they’ll help put together a list of schools that seem like a good match academically and socially. From there, do some independent research to further narrow down the choices based on many factors, such as size, location, and more, but you’ll also want to see how your GPA and SAT stack up against the types of students the institution normally accepts. If your SAT score lands in the 75th percentile (or the majority), it’s fairly safe to say that you’re a good applicant.

The only likely reason your GPA would fall in the 25th percentile is if you’re looking at the most selective or Ivy League-type elite institutions, which have a 25th percentile of 1390—the 75th percentile hovers between 1540 and 1590. If you have your sights set on this type of institution, you’ll want to consider retaking the SAT. If you’re still a junior, this is entirely doable. Schedule a test date 4 to 6 weeks out so that you have adequate time to study. Utilize online resources, test prep books, and consider hiring a tutor.

Depending on what semester you’re in, retaking the SAT senior year can be a struggle. Giving yourself enough time to study, take the test, and receive your scores before college application season won’t be easy, but can be doable under certain circumstances. If you can’t retake it, though, you’re still in an excellent place. A 1350 is a competitive score at the majority of institutions, so focusing your attention on the other components of your application is a worthwhile endeavor. If every element of your application is as impressive as an SAT score of 1350, it can make the difference in being accepted to a more selective school.

1350 SAT to ACT Equivalent

A 1350 SAT score is equivalent to a 29 on the ACT. There are some key differences between these two standardized tests, including in time management and content, so this score is a rough estimate of what you’d score if you took the ACT.

Scholarships for a 1350 SAT Score

Scholarships that are based on academic achievements for things like your standardized test scores or GPA are referred to as merit aid. With a 1350 ACT score, you’re eligible for a good amount of merit aid, both from independent scholarship offerings and likely from the school you apply to, as well. Start your scholarship search today on our extensive database and build up a nest egg to offset the cost of college tuition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1350 a good SAT score?

When we talk about “good” and “not-so-good” scores, we refer to opportunity. A 1350 SAT score makes you a competitive candidate at a wide variety of schools, as well as eligible for merit aid, making it a good score.

What colleges can I get into with a 1350 SAT score?

You’re eligible to apply for any number of colleges, including institutions such as the University of California-Los Angeles (better known as UCLA), the University of Florida, and Ohio State University-Main Campus.

What percentile is a 1350 SAT score?

A 1350 SAT score falls at the 91st percentile, meaning that you scored higher than 91% of all test takers.

What is the ACT equivalent of a 1350 SAT score?

A 1350 SAT score is equivalent to earning a 29 on the ACT. These tests have a few differences when it comes to things such as time management and content, but this is a good rough estimate.

What scholarships can you get with a 1350 SAT score?

You can earn a number of scholarships with a 1350 SAT score, including those considered merit aid. Start your scholarship search using our extensive database to build up a nest egg that will help offset the cost of college tuition!

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