Generating a set of random numbers isn’t a big deal with random number generator apps. A wide variety of apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store, so you can pick one that meets your needs. But what if you don’t have time for scrolling through the store by yourself?

Don’t worry! We’ve gathered a set of apps that will help generate numbers by random chance. We chose only the best applications that are top-rated and reliable to help you with the work. Just check this out!

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Best Random Number Generator Apps for Android and iOS

The following apps are suitable for different purposes. Whether you’re throwing a giveaway or organizing a raffle, these number generators give a huge help. Here are top random number generator applications to opt.

1. Random: All Things Generator

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a great way to get random numbers and letters for any purposes, such as dice games, coin flip, raffle, and even yes/no questions. Simple interface makes it user friendly, not to mention it’s super easy to use. If you’re looking for assistance in making a decision, this app could be it.

To generate a random number, all you have to do is tap the Randomize button. In the event that you want a different random response, simply shake the device.

Random comes packed with a list of great features. Not only does it support a wide range of digits, it also serves as a letter generator, dice roller, and coin flipper. It also becomes a great companion if you wish to play card.

2. Pretty Random

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Pretty Random is a simple app to generate numbers. It has everything you need to get random numbers, thanks to user-friendly interface and beautiful design. Thanks to rotating gradients that make the app visually attractive.

Thousand people have trusted Pretty Random to get new random numbers. This generator is suitable for a wide range of purposes, from lottery to dice game, to raffle. With ease of use features, generating number has never been this easy!

How to use the app is completely easy. It comes with min and max value, so you can decide how many digits the number should have. Use the app as your assistance in finding random numbers and feel the excitement of the game.

3. Randomizer

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Next up, there is Randomizer that helps you randomize everything. Choose predefined elements to randomize, such as numbers or letters and start randomizing. It allows you to combine up to 3 elements and it will help you with the work.

This is a new level of random number generator. It can easily handle not only number and letters, but also what to eat or what to watch. Simply add the elements and let the application decide. Making decision is getting easier with Randomizer.

What’s more, it’s packed with a set of features to make your number generating experience more fun. You can decide to allow repeated values or not, generate from a list of values you input, and select a random color.

4. The Random Number Generator

If you need a random number, this app gives a huge help. It allows you to select a random number out of a list for any purposes like dice game or gambling. Supported by excellent algorithms, it offers a unique sequence every time you generate new numbers.

The app also features a customizable appearance for visual attraction. On top of that, it comes with speech synthesis that allows the app to read out the number. It also has minimum and maximum values that come standard, just like any other random number generator apps.

History is a great option to track numbers you’ve generated. With a clean and minimalist layout, it’s a clutter-free number generator that works well on iOS and Mac.

5. Random

Random is among number generator apps for iOS. It’s simple and easy to use, allowing you to generate numbers without hassle. All it takes is setting the maximum value and it will do the job very well. This is a great way to generate numbers right from your device.

Everything happens at your fingertips. Touch the screen and start generating random numbers. Or if you need additional exercise, shake the device and it will show you a new random response.

Random works well not only for numbers but also yes or no questions. Set the values and let the app make a decision for you. Whether you need to make a quick decision or get a random number for any purposes, this app is surely for you.

6. LuckyNumber

Adding the list of random number generator for iOS, LuckyNumber comes up with a set of features. Generating number becomes its core value, but it also works well to help you make a decision. Whether you’re picking lottery numbers or decide what to eat, the app has got you covered.

Using this app won’t give you a headache. Simply put in the maximum and minimum values for the number and touch the screen to generate. If you need a little exercise, shake the device to make it work.

And, it has the ability to pick lottery numbers as well as help you with guessing games. It also makes roulette, dice game, and coin flip more fun as it lets you control the quantity of generated numbers.

7. Random Balls

Do you need to make sequences of random numbers? Let Random Balls get it done. Shake the device to mix and collide the balls then put the phone up-right to get a sequence of balls with random numbers. That’s so much easier for raffles or giveaways on social media.

There are two ball machines used in this app. While the big machine comes with big balls that make up to 10 random balls in 100 balls, the small one is able to create up to 3 random balls in 40 balls.

Random Balls runs well on iOS and Mac. With relatively small download size, it’s a great random number generator app for different purposes. Additionally, it supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and more.

8. Random Everything

You will need this app for generating random numbers. It’s completely easy to use, thanks to its smooth and simple interface. All you have to do is configuring the boundaries and let the app do the rest. Using this app, you can generate one or more random numbers.

Good news for you, it comes with other functionalities than only generating numbers. Random Everything can help you choose teams randomly for sport or game simply by entering the names. On top of that, it has list functionality that allows you to reorder any list randomly.

It also comes in handy to make your dice game more fun. Put in the numbers and this app will choose the number from 1-6 for you. Overall, this is a versatile app to help you make a random decision.

9. RNG – Random Number Generator

RNG is another number generator and random picker app with reliable performance. Whether you need a random number quickly, this app is such a life saver. Choose numbers randomly out of a list for any purposes, such as dice game or quizzes.

It also works excellently to help you make random decisions. Whenever you cannot pick which food to eat or which team to join, simply put in the choices and let the app choose for you. Making decisions is so much easier with RNG.

The app features customizable ranges, so you can generate random numbers with desired boundaries (minimum, maximum). It also lets you add custom data, such as food, clothes, colors, or people to pick randomly. The best of all, this app is available for free on Google Play Store.

10. Random Generator

Random Generator is an easy app to give you a list of random numbers. It’s ideal for random passwords, roulette, numbers, and more. And, random picker that comes standard allows you to choose random teams for any sports or games.

This app highlights random generator that gives you random numbers every time you click. It allows you to choose between unique numbers or repeat numbers, all depends on your preferences. Moreover, it lets you control the content, whether it’s number and letter, capital and small letters, and more.

Other features to enjoy include random dice generator that allows you to generate up to 9 dices randomly; save player lists so you don’t have to add names every time you need to draw; and choose draw settings.

11. Random Number Generator

This is a powerful random number generator app that gives you all the convenience of generating number randomly. With unlimited maximum values, you can randomize any numbers that you want. Simple and intuitive design makes this app user-friendly and easy to use.

There are five useful modes to choose from. Random name picker is useful to pick a random name only by entering the names and press the button. It also supports list item picker, so you can pick a random value from the list.

And if you’re more into dice games, it comes with dice roller that supports different quantity of dice. This is a great app to enjoy various games with friends and family. Each time you need to choose random things, Random Number Generator could be your best companion.

12. Random Number Generator by Blue Rock

If you need a good app to generate number, Random Number Generator is a name to mention. It’s possible to create random numbers from 0 to 99999 for any purposes. Put in the minimum and maximum value and pick one out of the list.

For a better experience, it allows you to choose sort types, such as small to large, large to small, or random. Not to mention you can opt to use repeat numbers or unique numbers. It also supports copy to clipboard simply by pushing G or C button.

You’ll also like its small download size, so it won’t eat much space on your phone. With more than 100 thousand installs on Google Play Store, it could be one of the most used random number generators.

Each time you need a random number or have trouble making choices, random number generator apps come to solve your problem. Which one suits you best?

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