There are lots of people who would consider it a waste of time to spend a whole day on YouTube. However, people like Mark Rober are proof that spending a significant amount of time on YouTube can actually be a great investment. Rober has made an entire career out of posting videos on the popular platform, and that career has also made him quite successful. In the years since launching his channel, Robert has amassed over 13 million subscribers, and his numbers are only continuing to grow. As an engineer by trade, Mark’s content primarily focuses on science and has created an easily accessible place for people to learn. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Mark Rober.

1. He Used To Work For Apple

Most people are aware that Mark used to work for NASA, but what many don’t know is that he also used to work for Apple from 2014 to 2019 as a product design engineer. Rumors have started to circulate that Mark was part of the team that developed the company’s virtual reality-based solution for motion sickness.

2. He Has Degrees In Mechanical Engineering

Things can get pretty weird on the internet and there are lots of people who have pretended to be experts on various subjects in order to gain a following. Fortunately, Mark Rober isn’t one of those people; he has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

3. He Is An Advocate For Autism Awareness

Mark Rober is a proud dad and he has become an advocate for autism awareness to support his son, who was diagnosed with the condition. In a Reddit thread, Mark said, “My son is Autistic. The best part of my day is the 20-minute nighttime routine with all of his stuffed animals. Repetition doesn’t bother him (in fact, he prefers it) so my same jokes totally slay every night.”

4. His Mother Passed Away After Battling ALS

Mark had an incredibly close relationship with his mother, who sadly passed away almost 10 years ago after being diagnosed with ALS. On Twitter, Mark retweeted a post from his niece who revealed that her grandmother (Mark’s mother) had “pre-shopped and pre-wrapped 12 YEARS worth of Christmas presents for her grandkids before she died.”

5. He Admitting To Partially Faking One Of His Videos

In 2018, Mark found himself having to explain himself after people started to question the validity of a video he had posted on his YouTube channel. The video depicted a ‘package thief’ stealing something from his porch only to find out it was a glitter bomb. After some time, Mark eventually admitted that the video was indeed staged and issued an apology to his followers.

6. He Likes Spending Time Outside

Just because Mark makes a living online doesn’t mean that he spends all of his time in front of a screen. When he isn’t working, he actually enjoys doing the exact opposite. Mark likes to spend time outdoors with his family, engaging in activities such as rafting and swimming.

7. He’s A Writer

Videos may be what Mark is best known for, but that’s not the only kind of content he shares. Mark is also a writer who has contributed several pieces to Men’s Health. Just like his videos, the articles he’s written make science enjoyable and simple to understand by including everyday topics.

8. He Believes In Taking Care Of The Earth

In 2019, Mark Rober partnered with MrBeast to launch the #TeamTrees campaign. The original goal was to crowdfund $20 million to plant 20 million trees by the start of 2020. The campaign was launched in October and, remarkably, had raised more than $20 million by the end of December.

9. He Tested Positive For COVID-19…Or Did He?

Covid-19 has impacted countless people around the world, and it is still causing distress in the United States. In a video, Mark claimed to have tested positive for the virus earlier this summer. However, it appears that he was only joking. If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that his positive and negative test results were given on the same day.

10. He’s A California Native

Mark was born and raised in California, where he still resides with his family. The fact that he attended Brigham Young University as an undergraduate has sparked some questions around the internet as to whether or not he is a Mormon; however, he does not discuss his religious beliefs.

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