Drawing and drafting are some of the most recognized types of visual arts. However, drawing is more widely known by people than drafting. Drawings are created by someone using a particular instrument, usually a pencil and paper or some other two-dimensional surface.

Meanwhile, drafting is a technical drawing that is done by making a representation of an object. The object can be a building such as a house or office. The purpose of drafting is for engineering and architecture. If a person who is good at drawing is called an artist, someone who can make drafting is called a draftsperson, draftsman, or drafter.

If drawing can be done with a free imagination, drafting must be done with a scale. Objects drawn using the drafting method must be visible from above, front, back, right side, and left side. Therefore, the drafting is very detailed and made specifically for construction needs.

Now, you must think that the drafter is the same as the architect. Architects are responsible for building projects from start to finish. So, architects do not only make drawings of buildings but also plan the development process. So, architects must understand project management.

Meanwhile, the drafter is only tasked with making technical designs. The drafter does not participate in project management or planning the development process.

In drawing and drafting, the main thing that must be considered is accuracy and precision. Why are these two things important in drafting and drawing? So, accurate and precise drawing and drafting will prevent errors in the drawing. Especially in drafting, accuracy is very important so the project development process can be precise.

So, to make accurate drawings and designs, you need to use a certain tool such as isometric grid paper. So, we will discuss precision and perspective: how isometric grid paper enhances drawing and drafting here.

An isometric grid is a paper that is used to create 3D images or designs. Usually, images made on isometric grid paper are referred to as isometric designs. It is made using the isometric projections technique.

Isometric grid paper is paper with six triangles that are interconnected and form a hexagon. The isometric grid can also form a cube. The paper size used in US letter paper with a width of 8.5 inches and a length of 11 inches.

Isometric grid paper is used to make sketches for drawing and drafting. So, isometric grid paper is used at an early stage in the process of making technical drawings or designs. By using the isometric grid paper, you can create images with the correct scale and proportions. So, that’s how isometric grid paper enhances drawing and drafting.

Using isometric grid paper is very easy. This is because the function of isometric grid paper is the same as other papers. The difference is that isometric grid paper can be used to draw 3D designs more accurately because there are points or boxes on the isometric grid paper.

First, draw vertical lines following the dots on the paper. Then, start to draw the desired shape with a certain slope. So, the accuracy of your drawing can be improved by the dots on the isometric grid paper.

To make it easier, you can use the isometric grid paper template. Download and print it. Then,

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Not only using isometric grid paper but there are several ways you can draw accurately. Apply these tips so your drawing and drafting results can be more precise and accurate.

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