To attain your ideal job, you must work hard, learn new skills, and succeed in order to accomplish the necessary results. A decent CV is the first step in landing your ideal job, but how you display it is even more important.

The importance of having a decent CV is underestimated, yet it has a far greater influence on our profile than we realize. A CV or resume should include all of your accomplishments and skills in a concise yet professional format.

Employers do read resumes, but prefer not to spend too much time doing so. As a result, make it brief and to the point. Making a Resume is now easier than ever thanks to AI. You can make your own in minutes.

In this piece, we will look at the greatest AI resume builder that you can use right now to create your own resume.

What is AI Resume Builder?

An AI resume builder assists you in creating a new resume from the ground up. An AI resume checker, on the other hand, supports you in assessing and scoring pre-structured resumes.

You can utilize a resume checker to improve an outdated resume that was created by hand. Your freshly prepared paper would be immediately optimized in a resume builder.

Quick Note – Use a good AI detection tool like AI Detector Pro and edit out the parts of your resume that show the highest risk for AI use. You don’t want to be scanned for AI use without your knowledge and get rejected by resume screening software.

Best AI Resume Builders

1. Rezi

Rezi Resume Builder will construct a complete resume for you in nearly no time. In the initial phase, it inquires about your area of expertise and frames everything accordingly.

Following that, you must fill out your contact information, followed by a brief professional summary.

You can include your experience, projects, education, qualification, talents, and so on.

Finally, Rezi automatically optimizes your resume by using certain effective keywords and assists you in getting past applicant tracking systems.


  • You can make a free résumé.
  • It provides keyword optimization services.
  • Quick and easy experience


  • Templates and typefaces are scarce.
  • Only one resume is available in the free version.


You can start utilizing the site for free, and a premium subscription starts at $3/month.

2. Resumestar

ResumeStar is a free online resume creator that uses AI to create effective profiles. This tool is specially designed for recent graduates and jobseekers in the IT sector.

It increases your chance of getting a job and produces a modern one-page resume.

You can standardize and verify your resume using AI with the help of the program, which will help you stand out from the many other applicants.

Your completed resume can be shared as a QR Code, which makes it very simple to retain.


  • Contemporary resume format
  • Restoring accreditation and standardization


  • QR code data theft is a possibility.
  • Hardly any customization


It is free to use for everyone.

3. Mosiacagent

The Mosaic AI Resume Builder assists you in selecting the appropriate keywords for your resume, and also offers keywords and themes that the various recruiting teams could find interesting.

You can examine faults and writing issues on your CV as well.

The program also evaluates your writing’s strong points, which teaches you how to write more effectively. This tool works well for optimizing an existing resume.


  • Better optimization is achieved.
  • It examines keywords and topics used by hiring teams.
  • It evaluates the CV’s strong points and flaws.


  • It has a few fonts and templates.
  • Little punctuation mistakes
  • Building a resume takes time.


It’s free to use for everyone.

4. Kickresume

Kickresume is a tool for creating resumes and cover letters. It provides users with over 50 templates that include step-by-step directions for creating a professional resume or cover letter in minutes.

You can also establish basic personal web pages from their resumes with a single click.

You can also access templates, grammar checkers, support centers, and security tools. You can also import their LinkedIn information to complete their Kickresume resumes.


  • There are many different templates for cover letters and resumes.
  • Your LinkedIn information can be imported.
  • It provides prewritten material.


  • The platform does not support social network sharing.


You can utilize the platform’s free plan to get started, while premium subscriptions start at €19 per month.

5. Skillroads

Skillroads’ AI resume generator allows you to create one for free, and you can also get writing assistance. With the aid of a questionnaire, it can build a professional-looking resume in minutes.

The program is simple to use and does not require you to create lengthy explanations. Skillroads suggests obtaining cover letter and CV writing services that are handled by their specialists.


  • You can create an AI resume for free.
  • It provides writing specialists
  • It provides a questionnaire approach.


  • Personalization is limited.
  • Some mistakes in AI-generated CVs
  • It has exorbitant costs.


Pricing is not listed on the platform, please contact sales for its pricing.


Cvviz is an AI Resume Screening application created specifically for businesses to help with the employment process.

It goes beyond simple keyword matching to contextually scan all resumes in order to discover the best applicants.

This technology has been implemented by hundreds of employers, highlighting the importance of having an optimized CV.

It also offers an applicant tracking system and candidate sourcing to assist businesses in finding the perfect individual for the position.


  • It provides accurate Resume Screening.
  • It provides a candidate sourcing and tracking system.


  • The free trial has limited functionality.
  • There is no resume generation.


It provides a 14-day free trial and premium pricing begins at $69/month.

7. Hiration

Hiration is one of the world’s leading AI-powered document evaluators. It does not build resumes from scratch, but rather utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate current resumes and cover letters and propose changes.

This resume scanner checks your content and makes suggestions for improvement. You can use the service to upload both resumes and cover letters.

You can produce keyword-optimized resumes in seconds with the Hiration Resume Builder expert’s tips tool. No more wordy reviews; instead, apply the advice to create a high-impact CV.

You can use this tool to discover lacking abilities on your resume and improve your chances of being hired.


  • Pro-tips are offered at each stage of the writing process.
  • Has a built-in application parser that ensures ATS compliance.


  • No limitations found to date.


Pricing is not listed on the platform, please contact sales for its pricing.

8. is an AI-powered web application that helps users quickly and simply build professional resumes. The platform employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to examine your job history, education, and talents in order to produce a customized CV that best highlights your credentials.

This program offers complicated and pertinent suggested words and paragraphs that are appropriate for the specific employment position. Also, you can pick from a variety of alternatives to make sure the description is appropriate.

Users of are able to generate a resume that stands out to potential employers because of the site’s selection of templates and design options.

Moreover, the site provides tools for job hunting and features like personalized cover letters that can help users get jobs faster.


  • You have access to a variety of design options and templates that can make your resume more professional.
  • You can write a personalized cover letter to accompany your CV.
  • The built-in support guides you through the application in a few simple stages.


  • It does not provide many customizing options.


You can start using the platform for free.

9. Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI resume analyzer that compares your resume to professional CVs. This allows you to tailor your resume to the recruiter’s specifications.

It increases your chances of being chosen for future interviews. There are over a dozen templates to pick from.

It also includes a job search checklist, which makes it easy to look for work in certain locations.


  • With AI, you can rapidly compare resumes.
  • It provides a free trial period.
  • It provides important optimization tips.


  • Expensive pro version
  • The free trial has a time limit.


The platform offers a free trial period, and premium access costs $49 a month.

10. CVJury

CVJury is a resume builder online for students and jobseekers seeking their ideal careers. CVJury uses artificial intelligence to analyze your resume or job description and assist you in identifying areas for development.

After then, you can modify, tweak, and improve your papers within the platform before sending them to recruiters. CVJury also generates cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

You can use this tool to create an eye-catching cover letter and LinkedIn profile that will entice companies to contact you.

There is a large selection of ready-to-use templates available, or you can start with a blank design and personalize it to your own.


  • The platform creates the resume using GPT-3.
  • Custom sections can be created.
  • It provides a variety of download formats.
  • It suggests templates depending on your sector and country.


  • No limitations found to date.


Pricing is not listed on the platform, please contact sales for its pricing.


AI resume-building software saves millions of individuals throughout the world a lot of time and effort.

Rezi is the finest AI resume creator since it is free to use to some extent and its commercial editions are also reasonably priced. It takes note of all the important facts for a resume and optimizes it with the relevant keywords for a better result.

These tools have been around for a while but are not widely known or praised. However, all job searchers are aware of their worth.

With the use of AI, such systems can develop resumes that are better and more optimized than an individual. We hope that by using this list, you will be able to choose the finest resume builder or score checker for your needs.

Best Artificial Intelligence Resume Builder

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