Project 1.1.9 Soldering: The Random Number Generator (RNG)


If you were to use your

Random Number Generator

to play Monopoly


during a family game night, you would want the numbers rolled to be random and evenly distributed (i.e., the likelihood of rolling a one is the same as two, is the same as three, etc). How fair is your

Random Number Generator

!o measure this, use the data table shown below to tally eachnumber displayed as the roll button is pressed one hundred times. “fter you complete the tally, calculate the total count for each number and its distribution.


‘.How evenly distributed were the numbers for your

Random Number Generator

If your game was perfect, then each number should have come up appro1imately ‘0.0 of the time. &o you think your

Random Number Generator

is fair 2hy or why notMy random number generator was more favored in ‘ and * than the rest of other numbers.*.”nother word for troubleshooting is


. &o a little research (3oogle, of course) to determine the origin of the term debug and who was the person to coin the phrase.

4 *’- 5ro6ect 7ead !he 2ay, Inc. &igital 8lectronics 5ro6ect ‘.’.9 :oldering; !he $andom #umber 3enerator ($#3) < 5age ‘

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